Wintec engineering graduate flying high on innovation

Wintec engineering graduate Huzaifa Mohsinally is flying high on innovation

Wintec Engineering graduate Huzaifa Mohsinally, believes anything is possible when you view challenges as opportunities.

Hamilton-based product development manager and Wintec Engineering graduate, Huzaifa Mohsinally is about to take part in an exclusive MIT-Harvard Medical School Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp in the United States.

Born in India, raised in Singapore and educated in New Zealand, life has certainly been a journey for Huzaifa, who believes anything is possible when you view challenges as opportunities.

“My dream is to start my own engineering and innovation company in New Zealand to deliver world-class solutions to improve people’s living conditions around the world.”

The Innovation Bootcamp he is attending, is a highly selective, accelerated learning programme which prepares participants to comprehensively contribute to healthcare innovation. It is a joint venture between MIT and Harvard Medical School.

For Huzaifa, this is all he’s ever wanted.

 “This bootcamp will expand my thought process and allow me to contribute to my current employer, DEC International NZ and hopefully guide me to build my own company in the future.”

Huzaifa, now 26 years-old, was born in Mumbai and came to New Zealand when he was 19. After looking at various study options, he settled on the two-year New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (with a major in Mechanical Engineering) at Wintec. He looks back at his time here fondly.

“This course was a great entry point for me, and it was extremely exciting. I remember winning the Stainless Design Award for the top graduating student and my final project, which was based on a solar evacuated water heating system, also won an award.”

Wintec Engineering graduate Huzaifa Mohsinally is now Product Development Manager at DEC International NZ

In 2013, Huzaifa started working part time as an engineering draftsman at a Hamilton-based innovative manufacturing and technology group, DEC International NZ (DEC).

“My studies at Wintec incorporated practical and theoretical aspects of engineering which helped me relate to things much quicker once I started working. Initially, there were quite a few things that directly related to what I’d studied.”

Huzaifa’s skills impressed DEC and his role swiftly expanded. He was offered further training in pharmaceuticals, polymers, engineering and management. DEC also sponsored Huzaifa’s upcoming trip to the United States which he is extremely grateful for.

Huzaifa is now the New Product Development Manager at DEC, responsible for managing all new design and development projects for the company.  In less than a year, he created a new team, a new process and a new organisational culture that allowed him to successfully complete 47 projects.

But Huzaifa still wasn’t done with study. Last year, he enrolled in further engineering study at university.

“I know – it sounds crazy! To be extremely honest, ever since I arrived in New Zealand, I have been able to view challenges as opportunities and make the most of them as I’ve gone along. Perhaps the most challenging thing for me has been believing in myself and my abilities. I want people to know that anything possible.”

It has been four years since Huzaifa left Wintec but during that time he has remained in close contact with his former tutor, Matt Foulkes, who is says he is “a great young man and a model student”.

Huzaifa credits his time at Wintec as a big influence on his journey.

“Matt has been an important part of my journey, especially during my academic years. I am grateful for his support and contribution.”

Find out more about  Wintec’s Centre for Engineering and Industrial Design.

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