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Chengdu University Wintec Alumni Association officially launched in Sister City

Chengdu University President Wang Qingyuan (left) and Wintec Chief Executive David Christiansen (second right) with inaugural

Chengdu University President Wang Qingyuan (left) and Wintec chief executive David Christiansen (second from right) with inaugural members of the Chengdu University Wintec Alumni Association.  Alumni from left to right are:  John Zhou, Vivian (Wei Ding), Roy (Wang Guan), Lys (Liao Shan), Mason Holloway and Reimen (Lyu Younan). 

A decade-long collaboration has now resulted in an alumni association to build on the successful partnership between Wintec and Chengdu University. 

The Chengdu University Wintec Alumni Association was officially launched at Wintec in Hamilton last week, making the decade-long partnership between the institutions grow even stronger.   

Six inaugural members were welcomed in person into the new association by President Wang Qingyuan from Chengdu University and Wintec chief executive David Christiansen at a special ceremony attended by Chendgu University (CDU)representatives, Wintec staff and current and former students who have studied or taught at the institutions.   

The partnership between Wintec and Chengdu University started in 2008, and in that time over 300 faculty, staff and student exchanges have occurred.  

President Wang said he was extremely excited about the launch of the association and the opportunities it will open for all. It is also fitting considering Hamilton and Chengdu are sister cities.  

In his speech he stated that more than 100 students from Chengdu University have been to New Zealand to study, with around 50 obtaining Bachelor’s degree and post-graduate degrees from Wintec.  More than 20 of those alumni work in New Zealand.  

A total of 61 faculty and staff members and 12 students from Wintec have visited CDU for lectures and exchanges. They are all alumni of New Zealand branch of the alumni association. 

Wintec Chief Executive David Christiansen says the Wintec and CDU relationship has moved from strength to strength. Last week’s visit from President Wang and a delegation of CDU educators, particularly focused around further collaboration with Early Childhood Education, was another significant commitment in the on-going international relationship.  

He said the launch of the Chengdu University Wintec Alumni Association is important as it reinforces the vision of promoting global connectedness and lifelong relationships for students, staff and parents between the two educational institutions.   

The mission of the Alumni Association is to: 

  • Create a network of alumni, both in person and virtually 

  • For alumni to be ambassadors and advocates for their institutions and regions 

  • To foster enduring and mutually beneficial personal and professional relationships 

The goals of the Alumni Association are: 

  • To be the hub to connect students and their institutions 

  • To connect alumni through annual and regular activities and events in New Zealand and China. 

  • To foster business and professional development connections between both institutions and countries.  

  • To promote the respective aims of both institutions.  

How does the Chengdu University Wintec Alumni Association work? 

  • It will include a virtual network of past, current and future students and staff, and related parties, who have contributed positively to the relationship.  

  • It is equivalent to the sister city relationship between Hamilton and Chengdu – but at an educational institution level. 

  • It will be headed by two co-presidents both former students. 

The co-presidents were announced last week at the ceremony. They are Mason Holloway and John Zhou.  Other inaugural alumni members welcomed into the association at the launch included: Wang Guan (Roy), vice president, Ding Wei (Vivian), vice president, Liao Shan (Lys), deputy secretary in general, and Lyu Younan (Reimen), deputy secretary in general.   

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