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COVID-19 frequently asked questions 

Wintec is operating under Alert Level 3 from Monday 4 October 2021, and we are here to support our tauira - students’ learning. Together we are working with our learners to support your education.

Please find answers to your most frequently asked questions on this page, which we will continue to update as we hear more from you. 

If you need help, for any situation affecting your wellbeing or your study, you can email us at

If you have a question we can add to this page, please email


As a student, what does Alert Level 3 mean for me?

At Alert Level 3, we need your support to protect New Zealand and eliminate Covid-19. 

At Wintec, all learning, for now, will continue online.

At Alert Level 3:

  • Stay at home where possible
  • Keep your bubble small
  • Exercise and shop locally
  • Keep your distance from people - 2 metres outside your home and 1 metre in workplaces
  • Delta variant is highly infectious. Practise good hygiene
  • Wear a face covering when out in public
  • When out in your community – stay local, wear a mask 
  • Wash your hands and cough or sneeze into your elbow
  • Use the contact tracer app and ensure Bluetooth is on
  • Public venues are closed
  • If you feel unwell, please isolate and get tested
  • Check the locations of interest listed by the Ministry of Health and follow the guidelines.

Find out more about Alert Level 3
Ministry of Education advice for tertiary students



Can I access Wintec buildings and services including health services during Alert Level 3?

Wintec buildings are closed but you can still access our online services.

City Campus

  • The City Hub is closed.
  • The Library is operating online.
  • ITS Help Desk is open, email or call 0800 494 6832.
  • Wintec Health Services clinic on the City campus is closed but you can still organise an appointment or seek medical advice. Please call 07 834 8869, do not attend in person.

Rotokauri Campus

  • The Rotokauri Hub (S Block) is closed.
  • The Library is operating online.
  • Health Services at Rotokauri is closed but you can still organise an appointment or seek medical advice. Please call 07 834 8869, do not attend in person.

I’m feeling overwhelmed - what support is available to me at Wintec?


What other external support resources are available to me?


  • For answers to questions about student allowance and living costs payments refer to StudyLink.
  • For health advice, refer to the Ministry of Health.
  • For government advice on Covid-19, refer to the Covid-19 NZ website.
  • For more student advice, refer to the Ministry of Education.
  • Find help with feelings of isolation or stress here: and
  • If at any time you wish to speak to someone you can free call or text 1737 to talk to a trained counsellor for free through the Ministry of Health. 
  • For localised support including food delivery, counselling and employment support contact Here to help u.
I’m worried I may have come in contact with Covid-19. What do I do?

If you were in any places the Covid-19 Government tracing team are concerned about, then you may get a phone call if you used the contact tracing app.

View the current locations of interest. If you were in any of the locations specified at the relevant times, then please follow the Ministry of Health advice around casual or casual plus contacts. 

If you have symptoms, then please get tested. If not, please try not to stress about it. Find information on Covid-19 testing, including where to find testing centres here. If you have been tested or confirmed with COVID-19, you will also need to complete the Wintec COVID-19 update form.

If you are required to self-isolate please fill in this form so that Wintec can offer you support and advice around your work or study situation.

Support services

What student support services are available? 

Wintec Support Services are operating online during Alert Level 3 and we are here for you.

Check-out the Learner Success Toolkit designed to help you through your study journey and connect you to additional support services.

At Alert Level 3, our campuses and Kidz@Wintec continue to be physically closed but we are operating our library online and Health Services by appointment only.

Wintec counsellors are available for phone-based support. Email to ask about a session.

You can also contact our Wintec chaplain, Carissa Allen for support, email

If you’re an international student, our International team is here to help you. Email

If you need IT support, email

If you require a JP for certifying your Fees Free declarations, Study Link and Real Me documents etc., this may still be possible electronically.  Please email Rachel Posa, JP (Wintec Student Learning Services) for more details, along with your full name, student ID number and the nature of your request.

Or if you are not sure what help would be best right now, email and we can put you in touch with support.


Course information

Do we still have to submit hard copies of our assessments?

Your tutor will update you on this. 

Will marking and assessment concessions be more flexible?

We recognise that this is a stressful time for everyone and will be taking students situations into consideration. Keep communicating with your tutors if you are struggling or you feel your performance is impaired and follow normal processes. We are certainly taking a gentle approach in these uncertain times.

Will our assessments be changing?

Your tutor is working through any changes to assessments, group or otherwise, and will communicate to you as soon as possible. If you are still unsure about your assessments, please get in touch with your tutor ASAP. If you need an extension for any assessments, then discuss this with your tutor. If you still need clarity, then talk to the team manager for that programme.

What if I need specialist equipment to complete an assessment, but I don't have it? 

As all Wintec campuses are closed, you will not have access to specialist software and equipment in our computer labs. Some software is now available in the cloud so that staff and students can get access to it. Contact your tutor to find out what the situation is with the software you require.

Will I be able to access one on one support with my tutor?

This should be possible. Contact your tutor via email and request a specific time to meet with them on-line via zoom. Remember that they will be busy with other students too, so be ready with specific questions and perhaps even email some questions through so that they can prepare before they meet with you.

I don't have a laptop/computer at home - can Wintec help?

Let us know. Email your student name, ID number, centre, programme/module, home address and contact phone number to or call us on 0800 2 WINTEC.

Can we get specialist software put on our personal computers (at no cost)?

Some software is now available in the cloud so that staff and students can get access to it. Contact your tutor to find out what the situation is with the software you require.

Can we get access to specialist software/equipment during this time?

As Wintec campuses are closed,  you will not have access to specialist software and equipment in our computer labs. Some software is now available in the cloud, so that staff and students can get access to it. Contact your tutor to find out what the situation is with the software you require. 

I need access to Microsoft 365 for my online learning, can Wintec give this to me at a discount?

Yes, Wintec students can get Microsoft 365 for free. Click here to get more information and steps on how to download this software.

International students

As an international student, where can I get relevant and useful updates on the Covid-19 situation?

The official Covid-19 website  provides reliable information. It also provides help and advice in other languages.

Don’t forget to check the Wintec Covid-19 page for up to date information on what is happening in the country and at Wintec here.

I am worried about the lockdown and feeling a bit confused. Who can I talk to?
Contact the International Student Services advisers at They will chat with you by phone or online to better understand your situation and then connect you to the support and information you need. 

Are International students eligible for any financial support?

Yes financial help is available.

The Wintec Manaaki Financial Support Grant is available to students who need immediate and temporary financial help. You can apply here. You will need to explain what's changed in your situation and why you no longer have money for your day to day living expenses. It’s also a good idea to explain how much you need, what you will use the money for and how much your living expenses are. The more specific information you can provide, the better. If you have enough money in your bank account to pay for your living expenses, you should be using this money now. 

Further support may be available from your Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. Click here to find your representative in New Zealand.

Can you help me to find a job?

Yes, our Careers team can help. They’ll help you create a New Zealand style CV and cover letter, assist with interview skills, show you great places to search for jobs and help with general employability skills. They also run workshops designed to help you find work. Contact them at or visit Student Life, in the Hub (close to Student Learning Services) to make an appointment.

I need to renew my visa – who should I talk to?


The Student Enrolment team will be contacting you about your visa renewal. If you have not heard from them yet, you can email the team at or free call 0800 294 6832.

You can also contact Immigration New Zealand.


I am feeling a bit stressed and worried about everything. It’s starting to affect my studies. Where can I get support?
Your wellbeing and academic success are important to us – we’re here to help. Contact the International Student Advisors at or pop in to one of the online drop-in sessions. Once we better understand your situation, we’ll be able to connect you with appropriate support and help you. You can also meet with one of the Wintec counsellors. Email to make an appointment or meet online.
I have a few questions about life in New Zealand, where can I get information?

We recommend you register with NauMai NZ - New Zealand Education’s official support website for international students. You will find useful resources and information about life, work, study, Covid-19 – everything you need to know while you’re in New Zealand. When you join, you will receive regular email updates regarding study, visas, healthcare, finances, Covid-19 and more.

Where can I get more information about Wintec homestays and Wintec accommodation?

Staying with a Wintec approved homestay or in Wintec accommodation is a really good idea. You have the extra reassurance of knowing you’ll be safe, and with some options, meals are included, which helps you manage costs. For information about Wintec accommodation, click here or email

How can I stay up to date with news about international student support, events and activities?
Join the Wintec International Students closed Facebook group and connect with our community. You'll get updates and find out about events and activities. You can also email with general student questions or contact Coco at

Waikato Trades Academy (WTA)

I am doing a WTA course. Is this still going ahead?

In Alert Level 3 classes for now are on hold. We will be in contact with your school and they will notify you of any changes.

How do I access my WTA course online?

To access your online learning site (Moodle) and course information, click here.

Follow the link and log in using your 'Username' and 'Password' details.  
Once you have logged in, you will see the course or courses that you are enrolled in on your dashboard. 

This also includes a course named 'Keteparaha - Toolbox of Resources'. This course contains helpful information and resources about learning online, meeting the team, and how to get support. Please take the time to have a look at this. We have also attached a Student Moodle User Guide with some basic instructions on how to navigate your way around Moodle.

If you select your course, it will open your programme's Moodle site. Our expectation is that you will log in to Moodle on your normal designated Trades Academy days. This is when your tutors will be available for any questions or additional support. You should continue to work on your schoolwork, as assigned through your school, for the remaining days of the week.

I don’t know my WTA login or password.

If you need your login and/or password, head to the "student password portal" and follow the instructions to find your username and reset your password or:

How to reset your Moodle password

  • Go to
  • Click “Moodle” then “Log in” or “Wintec Login”
  • Click “Don’t know or forgotten your username or password”
  • Click “Start or "Continue process”
  • Enter your username that can be found in the above link or Don’t know or can’t remember your username? Find it here.
  • Once you’ve entered your username, you will need to either enter the last 4 digits of your phone number to receive a token or enter the start of your email address to receive a token via email. If your phone number or email address isn’t correct, please get a hold of your student advisor who can update this information for you.
  • Once you have received a token, enter the digits, and proceed to change your password.
  • Remember to save your username and password securely for future reference.


I have questions about my WTA course.

If you have any questions please contact your tutor, their contact details are available for you on the main page of your Moodle programme site. If you are having issues logging into Moodle for the first time, you can contact your student advisor.

WTA Student Advisors:

Jackie Uerata:  

Yvonne Maru:

Will Helu:

Natalie Freeman:

Tuakura Ford

Tori Mitchell

Danielle Marsh