Careers in Interior Design

Who will you become?


Interior design offers an ever-changing industry of new trends, ideas, projects and clients. Take the chance to work in the fascinating industry of design, colour, planning and product specification. Interior designers need a practical solution-focused working style and skills in project management.

Wintec offers the two year Diploma in Interior Design, with full time or part time options available. The course is heavily studio-based with a high level of customer focus and integration with industry to create work-ready graduates who can work across many different aspects of interior design. Create a professional portfolio of creative, technical and inspirational designs for both residential and commercial contexts. You will work on real-world projects alongside industry professionals, develop your design potential and be able to communicate your ideas both visually and verbally to a range of clients.

If you don’t meet the entry criteria for the diploma, the Certificate in Media Arts is a 20-week introductory programme that delivers the basic knowledge and skills to prepare for a creative career. If you successfully complete the Certificate, you will be eligible to compete on merit for entry into the Diploma in Interior Design programme.

Design enthusiasts still at school might be interested in our one day STAR taster courses in Interior Design. You can also come in as a ‘student-for-a-day’, which offers the opportunity to sample the Media Arts environment and teaching style before enrolling, do a short course, or a book a tour to see our facilities.