Media arts promotion of new programmes

A new world of work needs a new way to learn

Introducing the new specialised Wintec Media Arts degrees.

The Wintec School of Media Arts has a longstanding reputation for excellence in creative education. We are delighted to present our NEW specialised creative degrees.

This is not your usual tertiary programme, but one that provides you with real-world challenges, where you can discover and develop your true capacity to think creatively and solve problems.

It’s a new way of learning that develops your ability to work in teams, preparing you for a world in which collaborative skills are critical.

Our programmes will expose you to new media, social technologies, and the demands of a globally connected, fast moving world.

Above all, our degrees will have you ready to pursue a creative career.

Our degrees:

Upcoming Events

  • School of Media Arts Creative Showcase | NOW

    Come along to our Graduate Showcase! Explore our creative school transformed from workroom to showroom as Wintec’s Media Arts graduating students exhibit their final projects.

  • Rat Relay at Design Factory NZ

    Each Design Factory brings a specific challenge that is rotated around the world before returning back home – tackled in six 6-hour slots following the design thinking process: empathising, (re)defining, ideating, prototyping, testing and pitching solutions.