Research and Innovation at Wintec

Wintec’s research is applied, diverse and makes a difference to benefit not only our students, but the wider community. Our staff are respected experts in their fields. Their research ensures that the programmes Wintec offers are relevant and are delivered with the future workforce in mind. International and national partnerships create access to a wide network of experts as well as opportunities not just for our researchers and postgraduate students but also for our industry and community partners.

Research themes

Research across Wintec’s faculty focusses on the following themes:

Inclusive Culture, Language and Indigenous People

  1. Cultures, Indigenous Peoples, and Migration
  2. Languages and Literacies
  3. Māori and Pasifika

Innovation, Creativity, and Design

  1. Industrial and Product Design
  2. Experience design and customer-focused Innovation and co-creation
  3. Societal Innovation and co-creation

Human and Societal Health, Wellness and Performance

  1. Health and wellness
  2. Thriving and resilient communities
  3. Sport and Performance

Transformative technologies and the future of learning, workplaces and careers

  1. Technologies that transform society and work
  2. Future learning and learners
  3. Future workplace and careers

Regeneration, Revitalisation and Transformation

  1. Rural Environments and Communities
  2. Urban Environments and Communities
  3. Business, Society, Industries (Agriculture, Tourism, Manufacture and Export)

Postgraduate degrees

Wintec offers postgraduate and Masters level programmes in Media Arts, Science (Sport and Exercise Science), Midwifery, Nursing and Social Practice, Business Informatics, and Innovation.

As a postgraduate student, you will learn from the best and will be well supported throughout your studies by our experienced and respected supervisors, academic staff dedicated support staff. Wintec’s postgraduate programmes are designed with the 21st century workforce in mind.


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Young researchers from Taiwan and South Korea build their skills at Wintec

Students from South Korea and Taiwan are at Wintec on a research internship

Wintec academics, Dr Pierson Rathinaraj (centre right) and Steve Edwards with the visiting Korean research students.

An eco-friendly research experience in New Zealand is a highlight for students from South Korea and Taiwan who are at Wintec to complete a research internship.

Seven Korean research scholars from Kyungpook National University (KNU), South Korea and a Taiwanese student from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech), have joined Wintec’s Centre for Research and Applied Innovation for four months.

During their stay at Wintec, the scholars will focus on their research projects, and to enhance their communications and cultural skills, they are enrolled in English language courses and housed in Kiwi homestays.

 Dr Rathinaraj, Wintec research team manager for chemistry, says the three-year research collaboration is an important milestone in our relationship with reputed universities and a recognition of our deep collaboration and the regard with which we hold KNU and Taiwan Tech.

This is the first year Wintec has hosted a student from Taiwan Tech but every year since 2016, Wintec has hosted up to seven students from KNU.

The research team aims to have an ongoing reciprocal relationship with KNU and Taiwan Tech.