Quite frankly my dear, Frankton is where it’s at

Reece Gielen and Joe Citizen prepare a sound installation for the exhibition Frankton

Image: Wintec Master of Arts student Reece Gielen (seated) and Wintec tutor Dr Joe Citizen preparing a sound installation for the exhibition ‘Frankton’.

A new exhibition, ‘Frankton’ celebrates Frankton town as a centre of creativity and art within Hamilton city. Open to the public for one night only, this unique exhibition is expected to set Frankton alight with creativity.

The interactive exhibition features up-and-coming artists as well as established artists  - many of them Wintec graduates - and will provide a rare insight into contemporary art in the making.

Wintec School of Media Arts tutor, Dr Joe Citizen, is the exhibition’s concept creator.

“Visitors can expect to see artists in the process of making and doing and collaborating with each other’s practices. The exhibition will demonstrate artists as co-creators rather than the sole originators of art and visitors, in-turn, will be woven into the act of making.” 

Artists include Wintec graduates Zena Elliott, Logan Dinning, Chenoa Dawn, Georgia Ransfield and Ruth Hickman. Wintec tutor Dr Joe Citizen is also participating along with established artists Leafa Wilson, Gaye Jurisich and Stuart Bridson. 

A truly collaborative Wintec project, Wintec Master of Arts student Reece Gielen produced the interactive sound compositions and the exhibition branding was created by Wintec design student Emma Heath.

Last year, first year Wintec design students created sticker designs to develop a creative identity for Frankton town (in Hamilton). Emma Heath’s design was selected and has become the branding for the exhibition, ‘Frankton’.

The exhibition will take place in artist-run space Skinroom Gallery on Commerce Street in Frankton from 5.30pm-7.30pm on Friday February 21. The event is free to attend and you can find out more here.

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