Hollie Smith returns to Wintec

Acclaimed New Zealand musician Hollie Smith returns to Wintec

Hollie Smith (left) with Wintec student band, The Meraki (from left) Jack Marshall, Tyrell Tamaki, Josh Woest, Jessica Ruck-Nu’u, Hayden McFie & Bayley Milne). Photo Kelsy Scott.

Acclaimed New Zealand musician Hollie Smith has returned to Wintec for the second year as Musician in Residence to inspire and lead Wintec Music and Performing Arts students.

Hollie will hold performance, songwriting and production workshops for students to get a real-world experience of the music industry in practice at Wintec School of Media Arts.

“Having a Musician in Residence like Hollie makes learning directly from the industry accessible to the majority of our students,” says Wintec Music Team Manager, David Sidwell.

“Students get expert coaching on their vocal technique, arrangements and showmanship, from Hollie who provided invaluable feedback during her residency at Wintec last year.”

In 2018, Hollie mentored first year student band The Meraki - who have gone on to be a regular gigging band - by guiding their social media presence as well as assisting them with song arrangements. She also performed backing vocals with them on occasion. 

The accomplished musician also spent time with songwriting and postgraduate students, assisting them to shape their work and giving them feedback on their arrangements and production. 

In addition, she organised a forum with renown musicians Ria Hall and Horomona Horo, and a series of well attended guest lectures.

Wintec music tutor and academic Megan Rogerson-Berry says working alongside a musician as accomplished as Smith is reaffirming as well as inspiring.

 “Hollie is great fun to work with. As a tutor, it’s always reassuring to hear industry specialists giving the same advice you would have given, or coaching students in the same direction you would have.

“It means our practice is current and industry standard. Hollie also has specific knowledge about operating as a business which our students love learning about, and this is best learnt from someone actually doing it,” she says.

Hollie will also be assisting in marking and moderating Wintec Music and Performing Arts annual Creative Showcase performances from November 18 -22 at The Meteor theatre. 

“Last year, Hollie was an incredible inspirational force in the music department and we are very much looking forward to her return,” adds David.

Experience Hollie Smith live: Hollie will perform an intimate new song showcase at Nivara Lounge in Hamilton on Friday 18 October. Tickets are available from undertheradar.co.nz.

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