A Wintec student’s perspective of Ramp Festival 2019

The design industry breakfast is popular at Ramp Festival

A snapshot from the Ramp industry breakfast, an annual event for industry creatives and a networking opportunity for Wintec students.

Third-year Bachelor of Media Arts in Communication student, Hollie Blanchard shares her experience at  Ramp Festival of Music, Media Arts & Design at Wintec.

Part of gaining experiences is putting yourself out there, and taking up opportunities that are given to you, especially if they are for free. Wintec students should feel very thankful for the support that makes the free Ramp Festival possible, because in the future for them, events like this could be quite costly.

Attendees are gaining knowledge, contacts and confidence to continue or begin their own creative pathway.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up,” says Michaela Webb, a Wintec alumni who presented at Ramp and is now Creative Director of Melbourne design studio, Round.

Attending the Ramp Design Industry Breakfast, and hearing from speakers, Johnny Gibson, and the Grad Panel was interesting as this relates to my degree. I also experienced a range of speakers that I might never have had the opportunity to meet.

Being able to speak with industry one on one and ask questions at events really does allow connections to be made. 

Part of following a creative pathway and building skills, is building relationships with your peers. Your peers are talented in things that might be your weaknesses, so it's great to use that to learn and build your own skillset. 

What I also love about Ramp Festival is that it provides future connections and the possibility of internships. Coming to the end of your degree and having to make future connections can be challenging, so it is great that Wintec brings in New Zealand and international speakers, which allows for those relationships to be formed with the support of those that have been on your study journey.  

A job title is not everything, every position and environment you learn in is an opportunity into a new stage of life. Understanding the worth of your skills and ideas is vital to backing yourself. Volunteering and opening yourself up to new relationships puts you in the forefront when looking in the job market.

During Ramp Festival, a clear message that came through for me is the importance of changing and shifting with the times.

Overall, Ramp Festival is an amazing opportunity for students and the wider community. From learning, to gaining perspectives on the creative industry, you need to believe in yourself and not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot achieve in life, the only one stopping you is yourself.

Based at a great location, allowing you to experience it alongside your peers and that fact that money cannot buy those opportunities, this is definitely not a chance you should let slide.

Make strategies, set goals and come along to the Ramp Festival because otherwise you are missing a great opportunity that is right at your study door.

“This is not the end of your journey, it’s just the beginning.”

Ramp Festival is the new name for Spark Festival at Wintec. This was the 21st year of the long-running annual festival. This four-day, free creative showcase people features talks and workshops for Wintec students and the wider community who gain insight from specialists in their fields and inspiration to push their creative boundaries.

This story was written by Wintec Bachelor of Media Arts, Communication student, Hollie Blanchard.

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