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Wintec takes on the Internet of Things

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things  or IoT and its potential for influencing change has inspired Wintec to launch IoTWaikato, to explore ways in which this hot-button technology of the moment can empower everyday lives and the region’s economy.

Wintec’s Jannat Maqbool who is driving the IOTWaikato project, says that with broadband internet becoming more widely available, the cost of technology and connection decreasing and more devices with wi-fi capabilities and built in sensors, we are in a rapid emergence of what is called the Internet of things or IoT.

“IoT refers to the ability to connect any device to the internet or to other devices to produce a network of connected people, people and things, and things themselves. It’s about networks, devices and data connected together to benefit people.

“On a small scale you could have your alarm alert the coffee machine to start brewing your morning coffee, or your car’s GPS connected to your meeting calendar to guide you to your next appointment. On a wider scale, the IoT can enable cities to be smarter and help to reduce waste, clear traffic congestion and improve energy use."

Jannat through Wintec’s Centre for Transdisciplinary Research and Innovation team is launching IoTWaikato with the first meeting scheduled for Monday 25 September.

CultivateIT chair Thomas Coats says "Coming together to discuss, network and learn how to take advantage of IoT helps us navigate the digital future as a region. CultivateIT happily supports IoTWaikato"

The inspiration for IoTWaikato came from IoT expert Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, who spoke at the annual ITP Symposium hosted by Wintec in July. Alexandra was named No.1 in a list of 100 Internet of Things influencers, and runs the IoT Meetup in London, a monthly gathering of people interested in making the IoT happen.

“Following the model outlined by Alexandra, we are keen for the IoTWaikato to be a group for innovators, thought leaders and anyone interested in developing the IoT in the Waikato,” says Jannat.

“This is an opportunity to get together, share, collaborate, contribute and co-create, or just come along and find out what is happening with the IoT and what this means for Waikato.”

Find out more about IoTWaikato here.

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