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Internship gives graphic design student real-world experience

Etana and Alan Deare at AREA Design

After finishing her secondary school studies at Morrinsville College, Etana Zaguri signed up to learn the craft of graphic design at Wintec's School of Media Arts.

In her third year of study, Etana successfully applied for an intern position at  AREA Design. During her internship, she’s been an integral part of this year’s Spark Festival design process. This diverse and inspiring learning experience has made a lasting impression on Etana’s creative practice and professional outlook toward the graphic design industry.

Where are you from originally? Did you study design in secondary school?
I’m from Morrinsville. I took all arts in high school and wanted to do art, but by the third year, I didn’t do an art portfolio because I was just over it. It wasn’t what I wanted to do.
Graphics wasn’t available in my school; it was more architecturally focused.

How did you find out about Media Arts?

One of my friends was doing painting and sculpture at Wintec's School of Media Arts, and I would always ask her about it and how it was going. She said that I would love it.

What has been the most significant part of your time here at Media Arts?
I think that teachers make a big impact!

Can you describe a typical graphic design lesson?
We will often sit down at the front of the classroom, and our teacher will give us a tutorial. We would then go back to our computers in pairs or by ourselves and to work through the task, or skills we had learnt from the tutorial.

How did you get this internship with AREA design?
In the January holidays, my tutor Luke emailed me about an internship opportunity that had come up. If we wanted to do it, we were to let Luke know to then come in to do an interview. I came in for an interview and met with Alan from Area Design, who decided to give me a chance.

What did you first do in your internship role?
I did research.

Was it different from studying?
It was similar; I looked at visual, then type and layouts.

What skills have you developed during your internship?
Indesign, I know a lot more about that programme. A few new Photoshop skills like layers, to extend backgrounds and CMYK quad-tones.

How have you found juggling the Internship and your study at Media Arts?
It’s been good. At the start I came in a couple of times while I was doing my assignments. But I nearly completed the whole thing in the semester break.

Would you recommend other students to take up an internship opportunity?
Yeah, definitely! You get the knowledge of what happens in the real world.

See Etana's design for #SPARK17 and register for this free event here.

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Image: Etana working with Alan Deare at AREA Design.