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Calling all student entrepreneurs


Are you a student with an existing business you want to grow or do you have a business idea you want to develop?

Wintec has collaborated with business incubator Soda Inc. to offer Launchpad, a programme which connects student entrepreneurs with business growth advisors, with the aim of making their business ideas or growth plan a reality.

All current Wintec students have the chance to apply for a spot in the customised 12-week programme, with five positions currently up for grabs valued at $20,000 each*. These programmes are done part-time and in addition to current study or work.

Head of Operations at Soda Inc., Rachel Adams is forward to working with successful applicants and partnering the students and their projects with business growth advisors to match their specific needs.

“We’re looking for entrepreneurs who have done the thinking first - Launchpad is not about exploring ideas, it’s for students who have a business or a business idea in place.

“It’s all about doing, taking practical steps to get to where you need to be with the help of our resources which include access to a global network of business growth advisors,” she said.

Wintec’s Director of Products and Planning, Warwick Pitts says Launchpad demonstrates Wintec’s drive to develop innovative learning opportunities for students.

“This is away from the normal classroom approach and an opportunity for students to gain experience from Soda Inc.’s incubation and learning programmes.

“It means they can build a company while they’re studying at Wintec and in many cases, we can credit that back through their degree,” he said.

Wintec and Soda Inc. piloted the scheme in 2016 when three groups of students progressed their businesses through a Soda Inc. start-up programme. The initiative was so successful; Launchpad was created to offer five incubation opportunities.

Students can apply online at any time for the opportunity to pitch their concept at Soda’s monthly selection meetings. Find out more or apply now here.

*Not redeemable for cash.