Prashant Khanna

Aug 2017

Prashant Khanna, an Academic Staff member in CBE, has been in the industry and academic research domain for over two decades, initially as part of his career in the Indian Army. His interests, in the 90s, were around the theme of networking and the practical ways in which it should be implemented within government organisations.

He completed his Master’s from the Indian Institute of Science in 2006, based on an examination of Nature Inspired Algorithms for Routing in Ad Hoc Networks. The research prototype was adopted by the Indian Army to create a system for soldiers to remain in touch while traversing dense forests


Prashant completed his PhD on Brokering Algorithms in Cloud Computing in 2016. The research was part of the effort of the Indian Army to migrate from legacy systems into the cloud-provisioning paradigm. Prashant was the Commanding Officer/ Project Lead Manager responsible for enabling this process over nineteen live data centres, which provided voice, data and video services to the field army. The PhD research focused on how to prevent cascade failures due to sudden constraint restrictions in cloud service provisioning, and promoted working in cloud -federated environments. It brought together the concepts of working in SLA free environments by combining the complementary concepts of Cloud Federation and Cloud Service Brokering. Prashant’s work also focused on the prioritisation of resources in a cascade failure use-case and the need for human overrides. The framework is called BroCUR (Brokering of Common Usage of Resources) and the Indian Army has accepted this framework for use in managing its cloud federation initiatives.


Since arriving in New Zealand Prashant and his family have loved going out on long drives and camping out together. His wife is a Yoga instructor and his daughter is an active Waka Ama enthusiast.


Prashant presently teaches Cyber Security as well as Business System Analysis and Design at Wintec.

Prashant Khanna