Preliminary: Applicant completes the Wintec Ethics Screening Questionnaire, in consultation with their Research Supervisor and/or Research Leader. This helps them decide which application they should complete and submit.


…where there are any significant concerns or potential risks to participants or the researcher. The Full Application Form includes detailed questions regarding:

  • Project details
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Other cultural considerations
  • Informed consent
  • Privacy
  • Data Storage

Form is signed by the researcher and Research Leader 

Submitted to the Research Office by 2nd Thursday of the month and scheduled for HERG consideration

Full HERG meeting
- 3rd Thursday of the month

Low Risk Application

…where the nature of the potential/ actual risk of harm to participants or the researcher is minimal and no more than is normally encountered in daily life

The Low Risk Application form is signed by the researcher and Research Leader

Submitted to the Research Office at any time for review in consultation with the HERG chairperson

No HERG meeting required

The chairperson gives final approval and signs off on the Low Risk Application

Additional Applications

Within Wintec

Institutional Consent…where the participants are Wintec staff or Students 

The Institutional Consent form is signed by the researcher and Research Leader Submitted to the Research Office for onward submission to the Dean for final approval

Outside Wintec

Health and Disability Ethics Committee approval is required for research involving:

  • Human participants as health or disability service consumers and their relatives or caregivers
  • Volunteers in clinical trials
  • Human tissue
  • Health information.

HDEC applications are completed online

Others, e.g. consent from companies, organisations or institutions to interview staff, members or students