Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a member 

  • Why become a member?
    Becoming a member offers you:
    • the opportunity to advise on the skills Wintec graduates should have in order to meet your industry or organisation's needs
    • the opportunity to use Wintec's new Hub facilities
    • preferential invitations to Wintec events
    • one fee free module a year at Wintec in recognition of your time and contribution
    • a great opportunity for networking
    • access to student projects
  • Who can become a member?
    • Members are from an industry, business or community sector relevant to the focus of the Employer Engagement Group.
    • The Group comprises 5-8 experienced current practitioners and will include a recent Wintec graduate.  The Wintec Head of School/Centre Director and/or Team Managers attend every meeting; the Dean or CEO or other senior Executive member attends at least once per year.
    • Wintec staff are non-voting members of the Group.

What does it involve?

  • What experience do members need?
    • Group members are experienced practitioners with a good understanding of their sector.
    • They are able to provide information on trends and issues in their sector, and provide feedback from industry, business and the community e.g. on employers' needs, skills required in the sector or the employability of Wintec graduates.
    • Group members who are recent graduates are able to discuss the relevance of Wintec's programmes to the sector and the work readiness of graduates.
  • What are members expected to do?
    To be effective, members are expected to:
    • advise on trends and issues in their sector at a strategic level
    • provide feedback to Wintec on the relevance of its programme(s) to the sector and the skills and work readiness of graduates
    • be able to provide feedback to the sector on Wintec's contribution to the industry
    • provide practical support for Wintec programmes and students where appropriate e.g. employment of graduates, student work placements, the recruitment of new students
    • contribute to meetings by reading the papers beforehand and providing advice and information
    • attend meetings regularly
  • How much time is required from members of Employer Engagement Groups?
    • There are usually 2-3 meetings a year.
    • Each meeting is about 1½ hours.
    • If you are a member of an industry subgroup of the larger Employer Engagement Group, there may be 2-3 additional meetings a year, or a longer Group meeting.
    • An agenda, minutes and report from the Wintec School/Centre for your industry is sent before the meeting, with any other appropriate papers.
    • Members should be familiar with them before the meeting, and may choose to bring other information with them to help any discussion e.g. about strategic trends in the sector, or skills shortages.
  • How long is the term of membership?
    • Membership is for a two-year term.
    • Membership may be renewed, by agreement, for a further two years.
    • Members who are absent without explanation for two consecutive meetings are considered to have terminated their membership.
    • The term of membership will end for half the membership in each year.
    • The membership of Wintec staff (ex officio members) ceases with their resignation from a designated membership position.
    • Chairs are elected by the Group for two years.
    • This may be renewed by agreement of the Group, to a maximum of four years.
  • How is the chair of the Employer Engagement Groups selected?
    The chair is elected annually by the voting members of the Employer Engagement Group.
  • What support is available from Wintec?
    • An induction session for new Employer Engagement Group members is provided by the Dean's Office on an as required basis.
    • The appropriate Wintec School/Centre manages the administration of Employer Engagement Groups, e.g. organising meetings, sending agendas and reports, writing minutes.
    • The School/Centre provides new members with information about Wintec and the teaching in the relevant industry sector.
    • Wintec hosts an annual function for all Group members at which the CEO covers Wintec's strategic initiatives and issues.
  • How do I join?
    Members may be:
    • nominated by their industry sector or professional body
    • recommended by members of the Employer Engagement Group
    • invited by the chair of the Employer Engagement Group
    • invited by Wintec

Employer Engagement Group Meetings

  • What time are the meetings?
    Meetings are scheduled at times which suit Group members.  This may be late afternoon, lunchtime or mornings.
  • When are the meetings?
    The Employer Engagement Group usually schedules the meetings for the year at its first meeting, around March/April, so members will know well in advance.
  • Where are the meetings?
    Depending on the relevant Employer Engagement Group, meetings are usually held at a Wintec campus (City campus on Tristram Street; Rotokauri campus on Avalon Drive; Horticulture Centre in Hamilton Gardens; Te Kuiti and Otorohanga or Thames).
  • Does Wintec pay for travel to meetings?
    The payment of travel costs for out-of-town members of Employer Engagement Groups is by agreement of the appropriate Wintec Head of School/Centre Director.

Contact Us

For more information or if you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Shantelle Lovatt
EA to the Dean

(07) 834 8800 ext. 7708