​​​​​Your Portfolio

​​​​​​​​​​​​Applying to study Media Arts at Wintec is an exciting step. You'll be asked to show your passion for the area of Media Arts you have chosen and also demonstrate your skills and abilities as part of the application process. Here's all the information you need to determine if you need to supply a portfolio, how to put that together, and what else you need to include with your application.​

​​Do I need to submit a portfolio?

If you want to study any of the following Wintec Media Arts programmes, then you will need to include a portfolio as part of your application:

  • Certificate in Media Arts
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • ​B​achelor of Media Arts
  • Bachelor of Media Arts – Honours
  • Master of Arts

Why do I need to submit a portfolio?

​The objective of the portfolio is to show the selectio panel your potential to successfully undertake and complete your chosen qualification. We want to understand the way you investigate and develop your ideas. It should present your strengths and abilities, and even more importantly your enthusiasm and passion.

What does my portfolio need to contain?

​Your portfolio should be a selection of work that forms a cohesive series. If you have completed NCEA level two or three in a visual arts or materials/design technology subject, we encourage you to include images of those NCEA submissions in your portfolio. As a guide, your portfolio should contain:​

Certificate of Media Arts – Sample of work

  • Visual Arts – up to six photos (15cm x 10cm approx.) of art or design work, or;
  • Commercial Music – send music qualifications and submit an audio tape, CD recording or notated score of your selected music (approx. 2 minutes), or;
  • Communication – 400 word​​​ handwritten essay on a news item that interests you

Diploma in Interior Design

  • 12 – 20 visual images demonstrating a consistent or developing body of work that you have completed in the last 1 – 2 years.
  • High school students could include images from their NCEA art or photography boards plus other images and examples of their design skills, including design journals
  • Applicants aged 20+ could include photographs of completed interior projects, art or design projects or prepare a colour and design direction board

Bachelor of Media Arts (Fashion Design)​

  • Quality photographs, drawings, sketches and examples of completed projects that show design concepts and finished projects
  • Examples of construction or design work which emphasise your fashion strengths and interests
  • Documentation of previous employment, short courses or work experience in the fashion or related industry

Bachelor of Media Arts (Visual Arts)

  • A series of drawings, or;
  • Series of paintings and their drawings, or;
  • Series of sculptures / carvings with drawings, or;
  • Series of photographs with drawings (if applicable), proofsheets and workprints, or;
  • Graphic or product design projects with briefs and drawings, or;
  • Video or film scripts and photographs of storyboards (if bigger than A4), or;​
  • Visual narrative sequences (comic strips) and preparatory drawings (photographs only if bigger than A4)

Bachelor of Media Arts (Commercial Music)

  • An audition tape or CD containing two songs of no more than two minutes duration (1 x standard or cover version of a well-known song and 1 x original work). Please indicate what instrument (s) you are playing. The CD can be a simple 'home' recording.
    You can choose to do a live audition if you would prefer, just let us know when you submit your application.

Bachelor of Media Arts (Communication)

  • You do not need to submit a portfolio with your application, but may be asked to write a 300 word essay on a current affairs issue at your interview. This task will demonstrate your knowledge of current affairs and your ability to write clearly and succinctly in a test situation.

Bachelor of Media Arts – Honours

  • At least 10 examples of previous work relating to your proposed study project and demonstrating a high order of knowledge and expertise in your chosen field.

Master of Arts

  • At least 10 examples of previous work relating to your proposed study project and demonstrating a high order of knowledge and expertise in your chosen field.​

Still need help with your portfolio?

We're happy to help, drop us an email at media.arts@wintec.ac.nz. 

Examples of portfolios

Want to look at examples of portfolios that have been submitted in the past? Here's a few to help guide your thinking:

Bachelor of Media Arts (Visual Arts)

Example one:

Notes: This portfolio is successful in showing the range of art and design capabilities this student has, working across photography, graphic design, painting and sculpture. The applicant’s working processes and ability to develop ideas is shown, along with finished works. For example, the typographic explorations on pages 7 and 8 are then developed and applied in the posters on the following pages. Initial developments for these posters are shown, along with the two finals.

Example two:

Notes: This portfolio shows consistent evidence of the applicant’s ability to generate and develop ideas through a range of drawing and painting processes. For example ideas that are explored in the collages at the bottom of the second panel are developed and refined in the paintings on the third panel. The student demonstrates their technical competence in the use of drawing and painting media.

This portfolio was submitted for NCEA Level 3 Painting, and it is entirely appropriate to use the same portfolio for applying for the Bachelor of Media Arts. However, there is no set requirement for an applicant who has not recently completed a NCEA portfolio to submit in the two or three panel format. A collection of developmental and final drawings, paintings, designs, photographs or moving image works can be presented as digital files or in a Clearfile folder or similar. 

How should I submit my portfolio?

You may submit your portfolio on CD-ROM (TIFF, Flash or HTML formats) or provide a URL to work hosted on a website. You should still submit a series of printed A4 sheets which show drawings or other forms of developmental process for this work.

What else do I need to include with my application? ​


Application to Enrol Form (EDC1): Please download here or contact us

Letter of application: Your letter should state why you want to study your chosen course, your relevant life experience and commitment to your field of study

Character reference or testimonial: Should be from someone who knows you well and state your suitability for your chosen field of study

One page Curriculum Vitae: For details, click here

Essay: For details, please click here


What will happen after I have submitted my application?

​​​​​​You will receive acknowledgement of your application by email.

Your application will be assessed by the Media Arts review panel.

If applicable, you will be invited to an interview with a Media Arts tutor. This is an opportunity to review your study plans and discuss opportunities within the School.

You will receive an email advising you of the outcome of your application.

​You need to confirm your placement by responding to the Student Enrolment and Information Centre.​​​

Still need help?​

We'll be happy to help, drop us an email at media.arts@wintec.ac.nz