Exercise Physiology

If you want to know how fit you are, how fast you are and what needs to change to make your performance, aerobic fitness, or lactate threshold better, we can help.

We can conduct physiological tests, such as VO2max testing (aerobic capacity) and lactate threshold testing (how hard can you go and maintain a high intensity) to help you discover exactly how your body works and how to adjust your training to achieve your goals and optimal results sooner.

Based on your test results we can assess your current performance status, make informed suggestions of how to improve aspects of your training and provide a means to monitor your progression with recurrent testing. 

Physiological testing analyses how the body works. From a performance point of view this is specific to your particular goal/sport and relates to the delivery of oxygen and ability to handle lactate. This allows you to make adaptations at a cellular level which result in improved performance.

  • VO2max test (aerobic capacity)
  • Lactate threshold (how hard can you go and maintain a high intensity)
  • Wingate test  


We all know that we need to eat well to stay healthy, but when it comes to fueling performance there is more involved. Sports nutrition is about delivering the right fuel at the right time to produce optimal performance. This is not restricted to competition alone, but is also applied to daily training to drive adaptations at a cellular level. 

  • Sport nutrition consultation
  • Three day diet analysis
  • Supermarket tour

Mental Skills Training

You can achieve so much more with the right mindset. That's why anyone can benefit from mental skills training, whether you are an up and coming sport star, a social sportsperson or just trying to get fit.   

Learn how applying key psychological principles will improve your confidence and self-motivation for training so you can perform to the best of your ability.  Various methods are employed to maintain motivation, build confidence, improve skills and fitness, cope with pressure, keep focused, communicate effectively, assist in team building and manage a busy life. 

  • Mental skills consultation


If you want to enhance your physical performance whilst minimising the risk of injury, then a Biomechanical Assessment is for you.

Our Biomechanics team led by Dr. Peter Maulder, are passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

This sports science discipline specialises in utilising physics and technology to understand the body's movement. Through objective, diagnostic assessment and analysis we’ll help you increase your movement capacity, function, and performance.

Services such as running, jumping, landing and throwing profiling, isokinetic strength assessment and power profiling can enable you to be a more effective, efficient, and functional moving you.  

  • 2D High speed video movement assessment
  • Running assessment
  • Isokinetic strength assessment
  • Landing assessment

Strength and Conditioning

Are you, or your team looking to increase your sporting performance? Want to get bigger, faster, or stronger? Or are you struggling to regain your previous strength and function after an injury set-back? If so then a Strength and Conditioning assessment and scientifically based training program is right for you.

Our Strength and Conditioning team are passionate about improving your athletic performance and function. With our objective strength and conditioning assessment and personalised, scientific periodised training plans, we’ll cater a program to your individual needs.

Using cutting edge equipment and techniques we’ll  get you in peak condition through cardiovascular performance, speed, change of direction, agility, strength, power, injury prevention and neuromuscular training.

  • Conditioning/Training programme
  • Individual or group training session

Other Services

  • Anthropometric Assessment (ISAK Level 1)
  • Acclimation Training with state-of-the-art Heat Chamber
  • Simulated Altitude Training
  • Field Testing
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

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