Warrant of Wellbeing

A large number of businesses today suffer losses from employee absenteeism through stress and lifestyle related illnesses, as well as chronic injuries. By being pro-active, some of these costs can be reduced through prevention or early detection. The Waikato Human Performance Hub’s (WHPH) new Warrant of Wellness offers you the opportunity to regularly get a snapshot of wellbeing in your organisation.

With the understanding that many of our most common ailments such as aches, pains and certain lifestyle diseases, can be alleviated through targeted exercise, we have developed the Warrant of Wellbeing. The Warrant of Wellbeing uses a battery of evidence-based assessments to identify the people in our community who could benefit most from using exercise as medicine. It also provides employers with the ability to identify key wellbeing concerns within their teams and employees which may be reducing productivity and inhibiting capability.

PriceAmount of people
$120excl. GST (per person)
5-10 people
$110excl. GST (per person)
11-20 people
$95excl. GST (per person)
20+ people

Who we are

The WHPH is a reasonably new initiative within the Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance at Wintec.

We specialise in both general wellbeing and exercise performance.


Through the Warrant of Wellbeing, we wish to help businesses prevent unnecessarily losing time and productivity through:

  • Identifying physical signs indicative of injury or illness before they impact productivity.
  • Identifying signs of depression, anxiety and stress, allowing intervention and reducing complications.
  • Providing support services to rectify the identified areas of concern. Where necessary, we will also refer individuals to other support services.

Why the Warrant of Wellbeing

  • Potential reductions in ACC levy.
  • Improved relationships with WorkSafe due to extra proof of compliance with ILO-OSH 2001 regulations.
  • Provides baseline health and wellbeing measures against which to compare H&S metrics.
  • Gives your H&S manager concrete data for evaluating worker health in the event of ACC claims for long-term exposure to hazards.
  • The Warrant of Wellbeing gives your business an opportunity to reduce both money and time lost to easily preventable or manageable health concerns.

What is the Warrant of Wellbeing

The Warrant of Wellbeing is a health screening service. We are fully mobile meaning we can come to you and assess your employees on site. This means everyone is comfortable in their environment, and any loss in productivity is minimised.

However, if you’d prefer, you can always come to us instead

The Warrant of Wellbeing assesses:

  • Basic health indicators such as blood pressure and cholesterol,
  • Assessments of mental wellbeing, including depression, anxiety and stress.
  • It takes a look at posture and movement deficits, both of which may play a part in acute and chronic injuries or pain. 
  • It also takes into account cardiovascular fitness through a basic and easily administered test.

** Please see the attached results sheet for a more in-depth description of the various assessments.

How we deliver the Warrant of Wellbeing

We are able to assess up to 5 people per hour, meaning we can efficiently work through larger groups, or come in for one-hour sessions to work with smaller groups.

Other Offerings

We also offer a wide array of other services through the Waikato Human Performance Hub, including those targeted towards health and wellbeing through our Biokinetic Centre, as well as performance-based services for any level of athlete from the weekend warrior to professional athletes. 

For any more questions or to book a Warrant of Wellbeing assessment, feel free to contact us through email, or by phone: 

Email: Humanperformance@wintec.ac.nz
Phone: (07) 834 8860

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