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Biokinetic Centre

The Wintec Biokinetic Centre provides specialised exercise prescriptions for individuals living with chronic health conditions. This supervised teaching space provides valuable training opportunities for postgraduate students enrolled in the Postgraduate Diploma and Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Science programmes offered by the Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance.

Services provided by the Wintec Biokinetic Centre

  • Supervised and personalised exercise programmes which may include aerobic, resistance, flexibility and balance training  
  • Baseline and progress assessments (incl. ECG monitored exercise test, strength, flexibility & balance testing, blood analysis, etc.)

An initial baseline assessment is completed, which includes an interview and physical capacity testing session. We have a health-screening process to ensure that it is safe for you to exercise. All clients will require specialist or GP approval. 

Based on the findings of this assessment, recommendations for an individualised rehabilitation programme is developed. Supervised exercise sessions are conducted to implement the programme and ensure ongoing adherence and improvements are made.  On the completion of the 8 week programme an assessment will be conducted and a report will be prepared for each client and their medical doctor.


We accept referrals from health professionals, as well as self-referrals directly from the public. To ensure the best possible care, referrals are accepted based on the clinic’s capacity and medical clearance from the client's GP or Health care provider. 

Medical clearance must be obtained before commencing an exercise programme.

The 8 Week Programme

What is it?

This programme is designed with your exercise history, medical history and programme goals in mind. We establish a safe and effective training programme using input from your health professional. We are able to offer the 8 week programmeto individuals with certain health conditions that inform the teaching and research activity conducted in the centre. At the end of the 8 -week programme you may feel fitter and stronger, less tired/have more energy and have the confidence to exercise safely and effectively on your own. You can then go on to join our maintenance programme.

Supervised Group Sessions

What is it?

Supervised group sessions are a cost effective way for clients to undertake their personalised exercise or rehabilitation program under supervision. While sessions are undertaken in a small group environment, all clients complete their own exercise programme which is individually progressed by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist as required. These sessions are conveniently conducted in the centre location at a range of times throughout each day. 

Programmes are designed to focus on priorities such as:

  • Functional capacity
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Specific medical condition
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Strength
  • General health
  • Balance and falls prevention

The Maintenance Programme

What is it?

This programme is available to those who have completed the 8 week programme and want to exercise in the centre’s unique supervised and monitored environment.

For your safety, all programmes consist of blood pressure and heart rate monitoring that is communicated to your cardiologist and/or GP when required. We also use this information to ensure you are exercising at safe and effective exercise intensities with your goals and medical history in mind.

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