Careers in Fashion Design

Who will you become?


Want to be involved in the fast-paced industry of fashion design? You’ll need a passion for design and production, a creative approach to finding practical solutions, and project management skills to bring it all together.

Fashion careers can involve designing, patternmaking, product development and promotion for your own garments or another brand. On the retail side, you might work in visual merchandising, store management, buying or marketing. Other options include costume design for television and theatre, machining and cutting, or media roles such as magazine stylist or fashion blogger.

Wintec’s Bachelor of Design prepares you to become an industry-ready fashion professional. Our graduates are sought after for their solid understanding of fashion business dynamics alongside solid design and construction skills. We offer a boutique learning environment with specialised equipment, which fully prepares students for the realities of the business of fashion nationwide and internationally.

We also offer a short course in Patternmaking, ideal for enthusiasts or teachers looking to upskill.

Designers still at secondary school might be interested in our one day STAR taster courses in Patternmaking. You can also come in as a ‘student-for-a-day’, which offers the opportunity to sample the Media Arts environment and teaching style before enrolling.

Questions about our communication programmes? Email Fashion Design Team Manager Julie Ashby