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Sport science students in the gym

Sport Science and Human Performance

A career in sport and exercise science is ideal for people who are passionate about sport, health, fitness, wellbeing, or human performance. Whether students are driven to help others reach their goals, prepare for competition and achieve excellence, or are an elite athlete wanting the knowledge to reach their potential in competitive sport, Wintec can provide students with a qualification that is recognised and respected worldwide.

The Wintec programmes offered give students the opportunity to understand the science behind how the body works, providing them with insight and the ability to get better results for their future clients or themselves.

"I had heard great things about Wintec, particularly about how hands-on it was and how the facilities were great, so that made my decision easier. I started off studying a certificate, and now am completing a degree in Sport and Exercise Science."

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Sport science programmes

The Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science offers three pathways that directly align with jobs in the sector: 
  1. Sport Science: This pathway is for students who want to develop a career working with athletes, teams and organisations in performance sport, athletic development and human performance science. The sport science pathway creates both employment opportunity in the performance sector and further study opportunities at postgraduate level. Examples of jobs aligned to this pathway include high-performance strength and conditioning coaching, performance sport coach, athlete development coach, sport nutritionist, performance analyst, academic, and business owner. Related roles that can be attained through further study include physiotherapist, dietician, secondary school teacher, and sport psychologist. 
  2. Wellbeing and lifestyle: This pathway is for students who want to develop a career in a growing market of exercise for enhanced wellbeing and lifestyle. Included within this career direction is work with parts of the community that are elderly, children, have illnesses such as diabetes or obesity, require post-operative rehabilitation, workplace wellness, and other specialised needs. Students with further study, can pathway from the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise into related professions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or go into postgraduate study to achieve accreditation as a clinical exercise physiologist (CEP).
  3. Community sport and recreation management: For students who want to develop a career in community sport and recreation management, and work with national and regional sports organisations such as Sport Waikato. Students can use this pathway to develop skills that allow them to develop careers as Māori health and wellness coordinators, programme and event managers, sport development officers, community sport coordinators, secondary school sport managers, and CEOs of sports organisations.


    Postgraduate programmes

    Centre for Sport Science & Human Performance Certificate of Proficiency (COP)

    A Certificate of Proficiency (COP) is awarded when a student completes a module that exists within one of our programmes.   

    If you are interested in studying just a module rather than a full programme or qualification, you may be able to enrol in a Certificate of Proficiency (COP). 

    Please contact the Centre for Sports Science and Human Performance about which of the modules may be available for you to study.

    Please note the Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science is an undergraduate programme.

    Luke talks about his Wintec study journey, how this helped him overcome his own disorder and turned this into a business to help clients maintain and reach their optimal performance levels.

    Farah Mohamed is the supervisor of the Wintec Biokinetic clinic. Farah is also completing her postgraduate study in clinical exercise physiology.

    Calah talks about her Wintec journey and how, after researching similar degree courses, why Wintec was the best place to study Sport Science & Human Performance.

    Postgraduate student TJ talks about his experiences studying at the Wintec Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance.

    Waikato Human Performance Hub

    Our Waikato Human Performance Hub is the first of its kind in Waikato, providing a one-stop shop of multidisciplinary services to enhance performance in sport and human wellbeing. 

    Whether you’re a member of the public in need of physio on an injury, or an elite athlete looking for ways to train smarter, our team of staff and students are able to provide sport testing, clinical testing and consulting services to all skill and fitness levels.


      Sport Science and Human Performance pathway diagram

      To check what you need to gain entry to a course, review the entry criteria available on each programme page. These assist you in understanding what qualifications or experience are typically required to gain entry. You can contact our team at or 0800 2 Wintec at any time for further guidance.

      About the faculty

      Sport and recreation brings considerable value in terms of economic benefits, health savings and social and cultural gains. 

      It is estimated to contribute around $5 billion to the New Zealand economy each year – on par with the dairy industry. Research has shown that sport and active recreation resulted in gains in productivity and health benefits valued at a further $1 billion.

      Our Centre for Sport Science & Human Performance offers students' qualifications in training, sport medicine, fitness, rehabilitation and sport psychology that will help them forge a career in sport science anywhere in the world.

      To be internationally competitive, professional athletes rely on skilled practitioners for the latest and best scientific information and techniques. The fitness and recreation industries are becoming increasingly specialized, requiring a range of qualified professionals.

      Our sports science laboratories at our Rotokauri campus in north Hamilton enable students to work alongside athletes as part of their study. Post-graduate qualifications are tailored to meet the research needs of athletes in a range of disciplines. 

      We offer practical, industry-based qualifications for fitness industry professionals and expert outdoor adventure instructors. Our qualifications have been developed alongside employers to ensure students learn relevant, required skills and knowledge. We are affiliated with key sports bodies, regionally and nationally, including Sport Waikato and High Performance Sport New Zealand – both of whom are located on our Rotokauri campus.

      Our staff ​are experts in their chosen fields, often practicing athletes themselves and engaged in industry research. Many are connected with regional and national sports teams in a variety of roles such as coaches, managers and nutritionists.

      Read more about the centre.

      Prospectus (course guide)

      The Wintec Prospectus (otherwise known as a course guide) outlines everything you need to know about Wintec. It contains information about the Wintec campuses, student life, and the programmes that are on offer.

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