Sport Science and Human Performance

If you are passionate about sport, health, fitness, wellbeing and performance, a recognised qualification in Sport Science and Human Performance will open up many exciting career opportunities for you.

Wintec’s Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance offers a range of programmes that give you the opportunity to understand the science behind how the body works which will provide you with greater insight and the ability to get better results for your future clients or yourself.

If you are driven to help others to achieve their goals or you are an elite athlete who wants the knowledge to reach your greatest potential in competitive sport, Wintec can provide you with a qualification that is recognised and respected worldwide.


Waikato Human Performance Hub

Welcome to the new Waikato Human Performance Hub, it is a first of its kind in the Waikato- providing a one stop of multi-disciplinary services to enhance performance and wellbeing.

Our team of diverse practitioners provide the community with “state-of-the-art” sport testing, clinical testing and consulting services:


The Coach

Wintec's Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance Blog

Run by the experts at Wintec’s Centre for Sport Science and Human Performance, this is where you’ll find the resources to help you reach your potential. Topics about nutrition, training, injury rehab, wellness, and exercise straight from the experts are just some of the things you’ll uncover in here.

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Upcoming Events

  • Open Day 2018

    Wintec’s Open Day is all about helping you make decisions about your future, and how to take the next step to get there! Open Day is all about giving you the opportunity to find out what programme/career fits you.


  • Education and determination – the perfect fit for success

    Facing the possibility of life in a wheelchair and challenged with dyslexia, Luke Taylor blames his curious nature for wanting to find answers. He’s now helping others achieve their health, wellbeing and fitness aspirations with a strong belief in himself and a degree from Wintec.