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Diploma in Arboriculture (Level 6)


  • Starts February 2018
  • One year block course
  • Applications are accepted throughout the year
  • Fee Guideline: Prices depend on chosen modules - enquire here 
  • Hamilton Gardens Campus, Hamilton

Interested in climbing trees for a job? Arboriculture is a fast growing industry in New Zealand that deals with the care and maintenance of trees from seeding to maturity.

An Arborist also known as a Tree Surgeon is someone who specialises in tree work including planting, pruning and the diagnosing and treating of diseases.

Wintec’s Diploma in Arboriculture (Level 6) combines the best of theoretical classroom work with practical hands-on learning.

Taught in the ideal surroundings at Hamilton Gardens, your first year of study will cover introductory arboriculture skills. In your second year, you will learn the technical and specialist skills of tree surgery / maintenance and optimise your physical ability using the medium of trees. The programme is mainly taught using real life projects.

This Diploma in Arboriculture (Level 6) is your passport to gaining successful employment as an Arborist in New Zealand or overseas. Wintec has strong relationships in Europe, USA and the UK which you can make the most out of.

Experienced tutors will help you develop a unique range of skills and the ability to apply these skills in new situations in the professional world. You must complete a comprehensive practice report, which shall be submitted to the arboriculture focus group for approval. This programme is the highest arboriculture qualification currently available in New Zealand. It is currently being benchmarked against qualifications in the United Kingdom to create an international standard and allow you articulation to overseas universities and higher education institutes.

Programme Content

You will study:

  • Tree identification and use
  • Contract management
  • Report writing and critiques
  • Tree inspection and hazard analysis
  • Specialist arboriculture practices - tree removals with cranes and helicopters
  • Amenity tree evaluation and valuation
  • Diagnosing tree health problems
  • Your chosen research topic
  • Tree biology and mechanics
  • Field trips to leading arboretums
  • Real life projects
  • Professional arboriculture practice and management
  • Advanced tree climbing techniques

Courses include NZQA units, which credit towards the National Certificate in Horticulture (Arboriculture).

Career Opportunities

The Diploma in Arboriculture (Level 6) may lead to employment as Council Tree Officers or Technical Arborists / Consultants with local authorities or private companies as an Arborist in New Zealand or overseas.

Higher qualifications will enable you to become self-employed, undertake arboriculture management positions, or apply for employment in technical fields of arboriculture.

Entry Criteria

To meet legal and health requirements, candidates must be physically able to carry out the practical components of the programme.

As some of the practical components within this programme are considered high risk, students will be required to submit to an initial drug screen as per Wintec’s Drug and Alcohol Policy. 

Special admission may be granted to candidates aged 20 years or over who do not meet the specified entry requirements. These candidates may be required to demonstrate an ability to successfully complete the programme through a process of an interview and / or assessment.​

Download the full programme regulations:

Secondary School Students

Want to experience arboriculture for a day? Come to Wintec​ and do a two day Taster in Arboriculture Tree Climbing.

If you want to get your arboriculture career underway while still at school the following Campus Courses are available:

  • New Zealand Arboriculture Industry (Unit Standard 2763)
  • Plant Trees and Shrubs (Unit Standard 2765)
  • Climbing Equipment (Unit Standard 17256)
  • Chainsaws - Practical and Theory (Unit Standards 6916 and 6917)

Talk to your STAR Coordinator or Careers Advisor about any of the above options.

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