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Wintec is one of New Zealand's largest Institutes of Technology/Polytechnics (ITPs) and a leading provider of high quality, vocational and professional education in the Waikato region. There are over 1700 international students studying at Wintec, from 50 different countries.

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Broad range of course offerings
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International homestay hosts reap rewards

Have you got a spare room? Want to learn more about another culture and maybe make a lifelong friend? Have you considered homestay hosting?

The Wintec | Te Pūkenga International Team is currently recruiting for new Hamilton-based homestay hosts to open their homes to students and scholars for 2023, for short or long-term placements. 

Homestay accommodation means that students live with a homestay host or family. The environment provides a safe, stable and supportive space that allows students to settle well into New Zealand.

We recently caught up with some of our homestay hosts to learn about their experiences, why they do it and if they’d recommend it, read on to see what they said.

A homestay is more than just a room rental - students live as part of the household and should be included in 'normal' everyday activities such as meals, family celebrations, religious practices and sporting events.

Steve and Supatcha Judge have been hosting since 2005, they have hosted 38 students so far.

“We signed up as a host as we have a five-bedroom house and with just two of us in it it’s very empty. We love doing homestays as we get to meet different people from all over the world.”

Supatcha is originally from Thailand and Steve is a Kiwi which, they said works out well for Asian homestays for food.

“We are friends with every homestay that has stayed here, and we are still in contact with them. We visit them and their families if we are in their country on holiday. Some of the parents show us the sights of their country and we have dinner with them. They say – ‘you have looked after our children while they are in New Zealand so now, we look after you’.”

The couple said they would recommend others to be homestay hosts as it’s a great way to be an ambassador for New Zealand at the same time. 

“We end up being their mum and dad while they are here and some call us that as well.

“Some can take more looking after than others as they have never been out of their own country before and can get sad, especially the young ones under 18, but they soon perk up while studying. 

“We take the time to make sure they have banking, buses, shopping and if they miss their buses, we drop them off. We also don’t like them walking the streets at night so will pick them up if it’s night-time when they have been out or working."

The couple have hosted students from Wintec, the University of Waikato and Hillcrest High School and said they have had no problems. 

“They just about end up being our children if they are here long term and become part of our International Family.

“If it’s their birthday we give them a birthday party with a present and a happy birthday singalong. Some of them have never had that before in their own country and they get very excited or a bit teary.”

Steve and Supatcha (back) photographed with Jocelyn from China, who was their first homestay in 2005, and her parents and new husband Peter. She has two children now and is a New Zealand citizen.

Carol Kappely, another homestay host, has always been interested in travel, local and overseas, and she’s a friendly, outgoing person so once her family moved on, she had a couple of short-term school and university students come and stay when friends reached out saying they needed a space. 

Then when they moved out, she considered Wintec students and found it worked for her, short and/or long term as it was “good company”. 

“I have been very lucky for the majority of the homestays, and definitely learned of their differences with showering, clothes washing, breakfast food especially, also persuading them to have more conversations in English, especially in the car on a trip.

Carol photographed with her current homestay, Ruofei Du (Duffy), at the Blue Springs.

“I would recommend this to other people but consider your family priorities as well. Especially with grandchildren staying over. I have been lucky by explaining to my students about having sleepovers and generally they get to love the kiddies and share conversations,” Carol said.

Eleanor Pringle has been hosting international students for over twenty years now.

“I live on my own, have spare bedrooms and thought having students would be good company which many of them have been.

“I have learnt a lot about different cultures, foods, naturally, and I’ve kept in contact with a few of them. Generally, I host female students but in saying that, I had a Chinese boy living with me for three years and he was delightful and fitted in so well.

“As long as I can remember growing up my parents always had either school teachers or dental nurses boarding with them, so I guess that is something that has rubbed off on me.

“One young girl I had for three years is now nursing at Waikato Hospital and I am so proud of her. It is also nice when I get comments from students that they have enjoyed living here, I treat them as if they were one of my own.”

Mary Ann Wilson and her family have been hosting for over 20 years and in that time has had just under 100 students.

“Coming to a new country is always such a daunting experience. When you know no one, or have limited English, simple navigation can be difficult. From my own personal experience, the biggest difference that helped me settle in New Zealand was the friendships I had made and the support I received from doing this. Once I had settled myself, I was approached about hosting students and thought it would be a good idea to be able to give back and provide support like I received coming here. From there, the rest was history.”

Most of her homestays have been short term, but she has had a few long-term students (who have stayed for nearly four years) and these students have become long-term family friends.

Mary Ann, her family and homestay student, Avijit, who stayed for almost four years.

“We have remained in contact with many of our students and it is such a delight catching up with them down the line and seeing what they get to after us. One of the most valuable things I learnt as a host mother when it came to all the different cultures was the food. I learnt so many new recipes and skills which have been added to my skillset. This has since brought comfort to many of those who end up in our care as it can remind them of home.

“If you are passionate about supporting newcomers, sharing knowledge about your home country or wanting to learn about the world without leaving your home, I would recommend this to you. Not only does it broaden your knowledge about other cultures, way of life, food, and new interests, you can gain some new lifelong friendships and connections that last you a lifetime.

“Enjoy every single moment you have with your students and be accommodating as much as you can. Treat them as much as how you would like to be treated when away from home.”

There is no such thing as a typical homestay, hosts can vary greatly. Currently there are young families with children, single parent households, retired couples, and single hosts.

Some homestay hosts have made lifelong friends with their students and other host families. There is a great homestay community, and it is an amazing way to make friends, make connections and learn from others.

Hosts have access to 24-hour support and receive generous weekly compensation. 

If this sounds like you, or you know someone who may be interested, please contact Sally McGill at for more information or an application pack.


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International Prospectus

The International Prospectus contains programmes we recommended for International Students. The Prospectus was current at the date of print. For current programme information, please refer to the programme web pages.

Programme brochures


Homestay is where you stay with New Zealand families, in their homes. Our Homestay hosts are carefully selected for their kind and caring nature.

You will get to improve your English by talking to them; you will also be able to enjoy family activities, celebrations, religious practices, and sporting events.

When living in a homestay, the host will provide you with:

  • A clean, comfortable home with a happy and relaxed atmosphere
  • A private, furnished bedroom with a bed, study space, and storage
  • Pillows, sheets, blankets, and towels
  • A heater (if required in winter)
  • Access to Wi-Fi internet
  • Access to shared spaces; kitchen, lounge, dining, laundry, backyard
  • Fully catered; meals, lunches, and snacks

Are you moving out of your homestay?

If you are thinking of leaving your homestay, click the button below for the check out form, what you need to do and a handy guide to help you transition.

Student Village

Only a five minute walk from the Wintec City Campus and downtown Hamilton, the Wintec Student Village offers a relaxed atmosphere, a pastoral care environment and a range of social and cultural activities through the year.

Bedrooms include a bed, study desk, cupboards and a wardrobe, with access to a phone, internet, kitchenette (excluding oven), separate toilet and shower. There is a shared full kitchen, TV lounge, games room and laundry.

Three main meals are provided on weekdays and two main meals on the weekend.

Student in village accommodation studying at desk

Wintec Apartments

Wintec Apartments offer a modern, self-catered style of accommodation situated in a three-level apartment complex building located on the Wintec City Campus. Wintec Apartments include four apartments per level, each containing 5 or 6 rooms, separate shower and toilet facilities, plus full kitchen and dining facilities.

Each level of the building offers a large common room/ study area, with shared laundry facilities and storage for bicycles and other large items available on the lower ground floor.

Services include access to a telephone for local calls and full access to high-speed wireless internet available free to students staying in the apartments. Security features include - swipe card access into your own apartment and into your individual room, sitewide CCTV, and Wintec security patrols.

Woman seated at desk using laptop in Student Apartment bedroom
Exterior photo of Student Apartments
Students hanging out together in apartment lounge

Accommodation costs

Click the button below to find our accommodation options and information including current fees and shuttle fees.

Apply for accommodation

International students applying to live in Student Village, Wintec Apartments, or a Homestay, must follow the process below.

Please note: Students under the age of 18 must live in Wintec-approved accommodation, either in Homestay Accommodation, in the Wintec Student Village, or with an approved caregiver.

  1. Complete one of the application forms below:
  1. Answer ALL questions in this form and sign and date the form.
  2. Email the form to:
  3. Wintec will email to confirm we have received the application. Email us if you do not receive this email.
  4. A detailed confirmation email is sent once the accommodation is booked and confirmed.

Airport transfers

If you require an airport pickup to be arranged, please complete the form below and email to the international accommodation address below two weeks before you arrive in New Zealand. If your travel plans change, please immediately notify our accommodation team.

Our international accommodation email address is

All students aged under 18 must be collected by a Wintec assigned shuttle service and taken to their Wintec approved accommodation (unless other arrangements have been approved by Wintec).


Although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided, the user of the information agrees that the information is subject to change without notice. Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology) will not accept liability for any errors or omissions contained in this brochure nor for any subsequent actions that may arise as a consequence of decisions made based upon its contents.


Refund policy

By accepting a place in a programme or paying fees at Wintec, a student enters a contract with Wintec for the period of the programme.

The student is required to pay the fee for one year or the length of the programme (if less than one year). No refund will be given after the course or programme has commenced.

If there are insufficient numbers or enrolments, the programme may be cancelled and a refund will be given.

Click here for more information about refunds

Application process

1. Submit an application

If you are applying to study through an agent:

Apply to study at Wintec by completing an International Application Form

Please complete ALL sections of this form, attach the required verified documentation and sign and date the declaration at the end. As programmes are very popular, please apply early while spaces are still available.

Your agent will arrange for your completed application to be sent to Wintec.

If you are not applying through an agent please send your completed International Application Form and verified or notarised supporting documents to You can learn more about supporting documents here.

Alternatively, you can post a completed application form with supporting documents to:

Student Enrolment and Information Centre
Private Bag 3036
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton 3240
New Zealand


Please note: It is compulsory for all International Students to have appropriate and current Medical and Travel Insurance while studying in New Zealand. It is a Wintec requirement for International Students to be covered from the day the student leaves their home country to the expiry date of their Visa plus one week. Proof of current Medical and Travel Insurance is required before your enrolment can be finalised.


Now that you've applied to study at Wintec, here's what happens next:

Form in envelope

Receive your offer letter

Congratulations, you’ve been given an offer of placement. (If your offer is conditional, once the condition(s) of the Conditional Offer Letter are met, a new Unconditional Offer Letter will be issued to sign).


Sign offer

Sign the Acceptance Page of the Offer Letter, with all applicable boxes ticked and return to our Enrolment Team:



Take your offer letter to Immigration NZ to obtain your student visa approval in principle. Find your nearest Visa Application Centre.


Pay fees to Wintec

Note: A Fee Receipt cannot be issued until Wintec has receive an Acceptance Form, Payment of all applicable fees, The INZ Officers name, email address and your student’s INZ application number.

Tick box

Place confirmed

You will receive a Paid Offer Letter and programme induction information. You can find pre-departure information in the Wintec Orientation Handbook.

Airplane taking off

Travel plans

You’ll need to notify the Wintec Accommodation Officer of your accommodation requirements and travel plans by emailing:

Arrow pointed up

Accommodation and airport transfers

Our international centre team can arrange accommodation placements and airport pickup. There are three options for accommodation, homestay (living with a family), Student Village or Wintec Appartments. Learn more about accommodation and airport transfers.

Airplane taking off

Arrive in New Zealand

Once you’ve arrived in New Zealand, visit Wintec and complete your enrolment at the Student Enrolment and Information Centre. See campus maps.

Entry requirements

English language requirements

All Wintec mainstream programmes have an English language requirement for students whose first language is not English.

TABLE for Internationally recognised English Proficiency Outcomes​

Concurrent programmes:
IELTS 5.5 with a minimum of 5.0 in all bands, or equivalent

Programmes level 4 and below:
IELTS 5.5  with a minimum of 5.0 in all bands, or equivalent

Programmes levels 5 to 7:
IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in all bands, or equivalent

Programmes level 8 and above:
IELTS 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in all bands, or equivalent

Additional requirements:
2 year validity period for all assessments. External bodies may influence some programme specific IELTS levels. You must provide evidence of your proficiency in the English language.

Gaokao Scores for 2021 enrolment

Click here

Academic entry requirements

Wintec has set minimum requirements for academic entry to programmes for International Students. 

The requirements are listed by country.


Visas, permits and immigration

All International students must hold a valid student visa for the duration of their studies.

Full details of visa requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying and reporting requirements are on the New Zealand Immigration Services website,
To apply for your student visa you will need supporting documents (ie Paid Offer, Attendance, and Academic Transcript) these documents can be applied for through the Student Enrolment and Information Centre at either the City or Rotokauri campuses. 
Alternatively please complete the International Document Request Form and email it through to

Medical and travel insurance

All International students enrolling with Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) (including group students) MUST have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while in New Zealand. Your insurance must cover you from the beginning of your studies until at least the expiry date of your student visa. This is a New Zealand Government requirement as outlined in the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students and under Immigration New Zealand policy.

You will be automatically enrolled into the Wintec insurance scheme and a policy charge will be added to your tuition fees invoice at your enrolment. Details of the Wintec insurance scheme may be found here​ . Students who have opted to purchase an alternative approved policy will have this charge removed when you have presented your policy to Wintec at the Student Enrolment and Information Centre.​

Meet the team

Senior management team

Girish Nair

Girish Nair

International Director

Karen Kemsley

Karen Kemsley

International Student Services Manager

Tony O'Brien

Tony O'Brien

International Business Development Director

Student Support team

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Unmesha Veetil

International Student Services Advisor

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Susan Ye

International Student Services Advisor

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International Accommodation Advisor

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Market managers – student recruitment

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Edward Park

International Market Director – Korea, Japan, South America, Africa, Russia, Indonesia, Pacific, and New Zealand onshore


Balraj Sharma

International Market Manager – South Asia: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh


Graeme Rennie

International Market Manager – Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia

International Centre

From the moment you arrive in New Zealand, our dedicated International Centre team is here to provide all the help and support you need. At Wintec, you will not be just another student at a tertiary institute, you will be an important part of a lively community learning with and about each other.

We can help you with your accommodation needs, getting you settled into your studies, emergency assistance and pastoral care.

We also organise events and activities throughout the year to make you feel at home and celebrate your cultural diversity.

Girish NairInternational Director
Market Managers - Student Recruitment 
Edward ParkInternational Market Director - Korea, Japan, South America, Africa, Russia, Indonesia, Pacific, and NZ onshore
Graeme RennieInternational Market Manager – Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia
Balraj SharmaInternational Market Manager – South Asia: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh
Other AreasFor China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, please contact Tony O'Brien from the Business Development team
Student Services 
Karen KemsleyInternational Student Services Manager
Unmesha VeetilInternational Student Services Advisor
Susan YeInternational Student Services Advisor
Sally McGillSenior International Student Accommodation Advisor 
Business Development 
Tony O'BrienInternational Business Development Director
Aubrey MedwidStudy Abroad, Scholarships, and Student Exchange

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