Under 18s & Parent Information

Students Under 18

New Zealand law states anyone under the age of 18 is considered to be a minor. It is illegal for anyone under 18 to be sold alcohol or cigarettes. Wintec has a special duty of care to the international students under the age of 18. 

As required by the Wintec policy and Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students, under 18 students must live with a Wintec approved homestay, parents or designated caregiver which means under 18 students will not be allowed to rent a property or live on their own. The International Centre meets with students quarterly to ensure that they are happy with their accommodation arrangement.

Parents Handbook

As a parent or family member of a Wintec student, we automatically recognise you as a part of Wintec’s extended family. You have worked hard to help develop your student for this next phase of life – tertiary education.

We have put together a handbook especially for parents.

Parent Feedback

“I am glad that I had a chance to visit Wintec in 2015. The International Centre communicates with me via Wechat, email and phone to keep me updated with my daughter’s wellbeing, academic performance and homestay feedback. I had the opportunity to meet my daughter’s homestay mother. She is a very caring lady who looks after my daughter very well as part of her family. I am confident that my daughter will enjoy studying at Wintec and living in Hamilton”

Fairy Zeng
Parent of Wintec Under 18 Student

Homestay Student Parent