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Music and Performing Arts

Studying Music and Performing Arts at Wintec is ideal for those who want to find their own musical voice and actively engage and learn in a flexible, authentic and creative environment.

Pathways are available in theatre, audio production, composition, and performance. With this opportunity to specialise, students develop industry-ready skills, and become equipped to bring their ideas to life.

A feature of study in this area is the opportunity to collaborate on projects with students from other creative disciplines, and also with industry. Connecting with specialists and mentors, is part of the School of Media Arts experience, combined with learning through real-life projects and performing. The job opportunities in this industry include roles in theatre, performance, production, sound technology, songwriting, composition/arranging, teaching, musical therapy, musical writing/journalism, and roles in community organisations.

If applicants do not meet the entry criteria for the degree, they can start with the Te Ara Pūtake programme. This course is a one-semester introductory course that delivers the basic knowledge and skills to prepare for a creative career. Once successfully completed, students will be eligible to compete on merit for entry into the Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts programme.

Enthusiasts still at school might be interested in our one-day STAR taster courses in Music Production.

Do you have questions about our music programmes? Contact Commercial Music Team Manager David Sidwell via email here.

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Please check the entry criteria for each programme to see which course is the best level for you to begin with. The entry criteria information can be found on each of the programme pages here online. You can also contact us directly to discuss the appropriate level for you at

About the faculty

At the School of Media Arts we provide innovative, interdisciplinary education that prepares students for a future in the creative industries.

If you're interested in graphic design, communication, moving image, digital media, painting, sculpture, photography, animation, interior design, fashion design, journalism, public relations, songwriting, or commercial music, Media Arts' programmes of study are a great place to begin your career. 

Experienced staff and industry standard facilities help you develop a unique range of skills and the ability to apply them in the professional world. There are always challenges for students entering a rapidly changing work environment. Innovation, expertise, team work and an awareness of contemporary communication strategies are highly valued. We are very conscious of the preparations necessary and believe that we provide a unique learning environment that encourages students to work collaboratively while developing a strong individual practice in a chosen field. We strive to provide students with the right mix of technical problem-solving and interpersonal skills, all informed by an awareness of professional expectations.

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