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Hospitality & Cookery

Is it time for a career change, or to realise your dream in hospitality and cookery? If you see yourself behind the counter at your local café making fresh brews and providing outstanding customer service, being in charge of a top restaurant, managing a luxury lodge or hotel, or waiting tables in a busy restaurant and getting to know customers personally, you’re made for the world of Hospitality.

On the other hand, if you love the atmosphere of a busy kitchen, creating and pricing menus, cooking for friends, family or paying customers, ordering supplies and catering for events, we’ll polish up your skills in Cookery so you’ll be work-ready for many opportunities in New Zealand and overseas.

Graduate Profiles

Emma Galloway

Cookery graduate Emma Galloway
Emma Galloway, also known as My Darling Lemon Thyme
Cookbook author, food stylist, photographer and award-winning blogger at
Trade Certificate Level 3 of Professional Cookery (now known as Culinary Arts), 2001
From a young age Emma Galloway knew she wanted to work with food. In her last year of high school, she got a part-time job in a local Raglan café, and the year after she made the decision to study cookery at Wintec. 

“Not only did I want to increase my knowledge, I also knew that having a qualification behind me would mean better work opportunities both here and overseas.”

While studying Emma worked in the industry in different jobs, varying from working in, and then running, the kitchen of a café to working for two top catering companies in Australia. This involvement in the industry while training made the move to full-time work once qualified straightforward, and after working as a chef for six years after graduating, she now works as a freelance recipe developer, food stylist and photographer; writes columns in both Cuisine and Nourish magazines, creates recipes for her blog and works with selected brands to promote their products.

“My study at Wintec set me up with the knowledge and confidence to work in the fast-paced hospitality industry. Even though I no longer work as a chef, I still call on the knowledge gained when developing new recipes and when tackling big projects like writing my two cookbooks I’d use time plans like I remember doing all those years ago at Wintec.”

“Even though experience is often just as valuable as professional training, I really believe that having a solid foundation in cookery, understanding processes and the whys and hows, will set you up for success in the long-term.”

One of the highlights of her time at Wintec? The tutors, of course!

“Their enthusiasm was infectious and their practical knowledge, tips and experience from working in the industry were super helpful.”

Josh Emett

Critically acclaimed chef, Josh Emett, came from humble beginnings growing up on a dairy farm just outside Hamilton.

After studying to be a chef at Waikato Polytechnic (now Wintec) he quickly progressed to fine dining restaurants in Auckland and Melbourne and then moved to London and worked for Gordon Ramsay for over 10 years, quickly becoming head chef at the world renowned Savoy Grill before opening restaurants for Gordon Ramsay in New York, Los Angeles and Melbourne.

On returning to New Zealand, Josh and his business partner Fleur opened Madam Woo in Queenstown, and have since opened three more Madam Woos in Dunedin, Takapuna, and Hamilton, with Christchurch due to open in February.

“As someone who just wanted to get into a kitchen and start working, Wintec’s hands on practical learning was a perfect fit. Through Wintec’s connection to industry I gained work experience in Auckland’s Cin Cin restaurant which resulted in a full time job and my career as a chef began.”

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Wintec graduate and chef Josh Emett

Josh Emett
Cookery graduate
2012 Wintec Honorary Award Winner

Joel Miller

Joel Miller couldn’t be happier with the way his life is going right now. The 19-year-old Hamilton chef has just landed a dream job as chef de partie to a royal family in Bahrain.

Joel says Wintec teaches the basics and covers a lot of ground in the two years it takes to become a chef. 

“You don’t realise how much you do actually learn there, then when you go into the field it’s up to you how you go about applying those skills.

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Joel Miller 1

Joel Miller
Cookery Graduate

Work-based Learning

Hospitality student, Shinnel Uerata, got a head start on her career thanks to Wintec’s Work- Based Learning (WBL) experience.

While undertaking her culinary arts study at Wintec, Shinnel undertook a WBL placement at Mavis and Co.’s Hamilton East café. Just two weeks into the placement, Shinnel had proven her worth and was hired to work at Mavis and Co. 

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Careers in Hospitality & Cookery

As a Waiter or Waitress you'll be busy looking after the needs of diners in restaurants, clubs, hotels and cafes. You'll explain the menu, take orders, serve food and drinks and anticipate your client’s needs. Clearing tables, polishing cutlery and assisting in the restocking of food and drinks is also part of your everyday duties.

Preparing, serving and selling fresh food and drinks are the sk​​ills of a Food Counter Assistant. You'll also be answering questions from customers about the food on display, checking to ensure food is kept fresh and at a safe temperature, managing the till, weighing, pricing and packing orders and managing staff and work rosters.

As a Maitre D' you're responsible for the overall smooth running of a restaurant or café. You’ll greet customers as they arrive, organise their seating, introduce them to their waiter, and ensure their dining experience goes without a hitch. You’ll supervise the staff, check bills, order stock and organise the cleaning and closing of the restaurant each evening.

As a Chef you'll be busy preparing and cooking food in hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. You also could be involved in designing, planning and pricing menus, training and supervising staff, buying food supplies and equipment, keeping records and keeping work areas clean and tidy.

Caterers manage and co-ordinate the preparation of food for functions or events. So you could help cook the food, meet with clients to plan the event, co-ordinate staff, organise seating and any additional equipment needed, packup after the event and do administrative tasks such as billing.


Whether you study hospitality or cookery with us, you’ll be practising in our prized student-run training restaurant. Yes that’s right - a fully functioning training restaurant, serving and cooking for paying public guests! Windows is a licensed restaurant and can cater for indoor/outdoor dining for up to 80 people. Cookery students will learn in two large commercial kitchens and a production kitchen.

Waiter for a Night

Ever wanted to know what it is like to work in a fun, cool, fast paced, interesting and dynamic industry ... Well now is your chance.

Find out for yourself as a WAITER FOR A NIGHT

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Chef for a Night

Ever thought about being a chef? Can you imagine yourself in a commercial kitchen? The inspiration and creativity? The skills? The people and the pace?

Find out for yourself as a CHEF FOR A NIGHT!



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About the Faculty

This centre is strategically placed to meet the needs of learners, graduates and industry; regionally, nationally and internationally. This is achieved through programmes that are developed to meet the specific needs of the industries they are aligned with. The Centre prides itself in its association with industry organisations and associations.

The Centre offers a wide range of programmes in the service industries from hairdressing and beauty therapy to cookery, hospitality and restaurant and beverage service. The programmes provide diverse opportunities for graduates and a broad range of career paths.

The training and qualifications have local, national and international relevance which is achieved through best practice facilitation, modern facilities, current industry technologies, flexible delivery and contemporary practices.

All the programmes and qualifications offered by the Centre for Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing and Hospitality are suited to people who:

  • like meeting people
  • want to travel and work overseas
  • are entrepreneurial
  • want to own their own business
  • are creative
  • enjoy working in environments that provide stimulation and variety
  • are looking for diverse career opportunities and want to be part of New Zealand's dynamic and exciting service industries

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