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​​Social Practice

Working with individuals, couples, families, whānau, groups and communities, to offer support, to advocate on their behalf and to work towards social change. Wintec provides you with the knowledge, skills and qualifications you need to make a positive difference in the lives of people and our society.

As a Counsellor you’ll spend your day meeting with people either as individuals, couples, families or groups to talk about issues that concern them and the steps that can be taken to make changes in their lives. A day could include leading groups and workshops, providing referrals to other specialists and supporting people to obtain resources they need to solve problems. You may specialise in areas such as grief and loss, alcohol or drug dependency, gambling addiction, sexual abuse, family violence, mental health, couple counselling and family relationships.

As a Social Worker you provide information and support to individuals, groups and families to assist them to reach their full potential. You also help individuals, families and communities by advocating about social issues. A day could see you working alongside someone in a crisis situation, advising someone on their rights and opportunities, providing information, using the law to protect at-risk children and young people, talking with clients about their situations and problems and writing reports and case notes.

If you want to have a holistic whā​nau approach to your work, you have a future as a Mā​ori Counsellor. In this role you will utilise the cultural experience you have to explore issues with clients, provide information to help them make positive changes in their lives and provide the resources and tools they need to gain the confidence and resilience they need.

Mental Health Support Worker works with people with moderate to severe emotional, mental and psychological problems. In this role you observe and report on the mental state of clients as well as helping them manage mental illness. Your day could include visiting clients in the community, providing advice and support, helping them with daily activities, administering prescribed medication, facilitating and co-ordinating therapy groups and liaising with community organisations, government agencies, police and lawyers.

Postgraduate Study Health and Social Practice


Health and Social Practice

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