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Design Factory NZ

A passion-fuelled, design-driven co-creation space where students work with industry partners to solve complex problems.

Design Factory NZ is a problem-solving and learning space, bringing together students, teachers, industry and community leaders to help co-create the future. We are driven by passion and a relentless curiosity to discover solutions.

We coach students and industry partners through human-centred design journeys, providing learning experiences that cultivate their skills as problem-solvers and solution-designers. We are proudly interdisciplinary – bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other and create together.

Design Factory NZ is grounded on empathy and driven by the belief that ideas and solutions are improved when they are shared together - rather than held onto. We work with all involved people to understand the problem deeply, create ideas collaboratively, and test solutions together.

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Mira Cornes - Co-ordinator
07 834 8800 Ext 3371

Learning opportunities

Design Factory NZ offers a wide range of learning experiences for both students seeking to prepare for the future workplace, and employers looking for high-quality professional development or post-graduate study options for themselves and their teams.

These include:

Design Factory 1 – Our flagship semester-long course designed for Level 7 Wintec students from across all centres that offer degree or graduate diploma programmes

Master of Applied Innovation – Our post-graduate programme for for those interested in problem-solving, entrepreneurship and co-creation in the workplace

Deep Dive – Our two-day immersive experience providing a curated design journey for a business or organisation

Design Dash – Our three-hour design sprint to offer a fast-paced problem-solving experience for teams and employees

Problem solving for industry

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Meet the team

Margi Moore

Design Factory NZ Director

Aidan Bigham

Facilitator & Coach

Supporter, provocateur & collaborator

Elna Fourie

Facilitator & Coach

Prompter, conductor & collaborator

Mira Cornes

Design Factory NZ Co-ordinator


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