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DFNZ students applying learnings to an industy problem

Workshops and training

Professional development that makes a difference

We are passionate about human-centred design and problem solving. This is what we live and breathe, and we’re specialists at bringing other people along into their innovation journey.

We know that change is hard and innovation is tricky – and no two organisations are the same. That’s why we’ve designed a range of workshop options, which we then bespoke to your specific needs. We can adapt the scope of each workshop to explore different aspects of design thinking and innovation, all delivered with a focus on training your team to use these skills in their work.

Our training is high-energy, engaging and designed to encourage learning with a smile. Your team will have fun, be equipped with theory and tools, and will leave ready to begin applying innovation to their day-to-day.

Professional development suite

Design Thinking Taster 

The Design Thinking Taster is a three-hour fast-paced experience providing a design experience created to introduce you and your team to problem-solving basics.

We provide the challenge, the facilitation and all the resources you’ll need – you turn up ready to go.

Empowering, energising and proudly educational, this taster will give you a valuable experience of how powerful design thinking is and will inspire you to consider how you can begin to introduce co-creation to your context. Created for organisations seeking to upskill their problem-solving and design thinking skills, this provides a curated design engagement directly applicable to your business context.

Throughout the Design Thinking Taster, you will:
  • Experience a stripped-down design sprint
  • Opportunity to reflect on how this can benefit your business
  • Empower employees for change
  • Laugh, a lot
We have delivered Design Thinking Tasters for local government, businesses and non-profits in the Waikato region.

Design Thinking Bootcamp

The Design Thinking Bootcamp is a two-day immersive experience offering a deeper understanding of co-creation and human-centred design. 

Created for organisations seeking to upskill their problem-solving and design thinking skills, this bootcamp provides a curated design engagement directly applicable to your business context.

Over the course of the Design Thinking Bootcamp, you will:
  • Experience a full Design Sprint;
  • Understand how Design Thinking can be applied to your business challenges and context;
  • Discover a range of practical tools for help with organisational problem solving;
  • Unlock new possibilities for your organisation to explore.
We have designed Bootcamps for Educators, Local Government, Business Product Development, Not for Profits, and Business Cultural Transformation.

CreateComm: Community Co-Creation

CreateComm is a one-day workshop designed to teach and enable co-creation between different stakeholders and their communities, focused on challenges and problems they are currently facing. We provide a range of techniques for fostering powerful conversations, crafting powerful questions, and learning powerful listening techniques. Additionally, we help coach from insights to action with strategies for developing new possibilities for community engagement.  

Highly interactive and bespoke to the needs of the community, the facilitation captures a range of perspectives and ideas held by participants and provides a clear structure for identifying the best steps forward.

You will receive:
  • Effective tools for fostering powerful conversations
  • Genuine discovery of points of view held by different members
  • Opportunities for collaborative insights and new ideas for the future
  • Energised, positive investment in community development
We have delivered CreateComm for youth and community, NFP and community, business and stakeholders, local government and community.

Transformed By Design

We offer ongoing coaching and consultancy for organisations seeking to embed design and co-creation into their culture. We provide expertise in facilitation, problem-solving, design thinking and whole-person growth to enable support for the development of design thinking into business-as-usual. 

Grounded in passionate co-creation and innovation, employees, managers and leaders are provided with various tools and processes to grow their leadership and connect them with organisational transformation. 

Transformed By Design provides:
  • Bespoke support on your journey of transformation
  • Provision of tools and resources as needed, to guide change and design integration
  • Human-centred relational coaching for leadership of change

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