Careers in Counselling

Who will you become?

As a Counsellor you will help people make positive changes in their own lives. Talk them through problems and help them resolve mental and emotional issues. You’ll take the time to listen, to care, and support them in obtaining the resources they need. You’ll lead workshops and provide advice to groups or have a one-on-one approach. You can also specialise in an area of counselling; be it in grief and loss, alcohol or drug dependency, gambling addiction, sexual abuse, family violence, mental health, couple counselling or family relationships, you’ll point patients in the right direction and help them get to where they want to be.

Maybe counselling is where you want to go, but you want a holistic whānau approach. Be a Māori Counsellor. You’ll have the specialist options of a counsellor but be able to approach your work from a cultural perspective, exploring issues with clients and providing them with resources.

Your study will combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning in real healthcare environments. You will have the chance to care for your own patients and learn about the industry through putting classroom learning into practice. And our dedicated and experienced staff will be there to guide you every step of the way.

If you don’t meet the entry requirements to the courses, we offer two Certificates in Introduction to Study that will help prepare you for enrolment in the programme.

Questions? Contact our Social Work and Counselling Team Manager, Marlana Maru.