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​​​Engineering And Fabrication

Some people describe Mechanical Engineering as the small parts that make up the big picture. Designing and advising on the building and repair of machines and tools, making, joining and repairing metal parts for machinery and equipment; as the person with the skills to keep the machines running, a qualified Mechanical Engineer is highly sought after in a variety of work environments.


As a Mechanical Engineer you’re the one who designs the machines, and also studies ways to improve manufacturing and energy production. A day could involve determining the production manager’s requirements, studying environmental and safety aspects of planned work, designing machines or machine parts, using computer-aided design (CAD) software to model plans, and supervising repair work on machines.

Welding Fabrication Engineer makes, joins and repairs metal parts for machinery and equipment, including: motor bodies, trailer units, containers, truck frames and bridges. Your day could include constructing metal objects, cutting, bending and fitting metal parts, making the jigs that hold parts in place for welding and maintaining machinery or studying plans and drawings.


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