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Industrial Measurement and Control

Instrumentation technicians install, maintain and repair the equipment and systems that control large industrial processes. This is one of those careers that most people don’t know exists but is vital to industries around the world. Trained instrumentation technicians, or 'Instros' are in high demand in an extremely wide range of large process industries and Wintec is the only provider of qualifications in this industry sector in New Zealand.  Wintec has modern industry relevant training facilities and equipment, and tutors who keep up-to-date with the latest technology advances in this field.


Accuracy, precision, and attention to detail are the catch cries of this career pathway.  Industrial measurement and control technicians are sought after by employers in a wide range of process industries such as petro-chemicals, pulp and paper, wood products, dairy products, metal refining, other food industries such as baking, meats and brewing production, water and waste water treatment, and power generation.

They could be permanently employed by a company in any of these industries or work for contractors who service them. The job will include testing, calibrating and servicing equipment and systems for these complex plants whilst ensuring all safety and industry standards are met.

Most prospective IMC technicians enter this career path after firstly qualifying and working as an industrial electrician but there are also opportunities for people from other industry areas, including a mechanical trade background, to advance in this field.  


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The Centre for Trades operates out of New Zealand's most modern engineering and trades education facility. The $25m Engineering and Trades Education Facility's unique design and function set it apart from the rest. It is home to more than 1000 trades and engineering students and 100 staff

The Centre for Trades has direct contact with industry to ensure modules are relevant to current needs. We have laboratories for CAD, studios for making models, and workshops for civil and mechanical demonstrations.

Wintec's Rotokauri Campus is widely regarded as one of the best Trades training areas in the country. Its modern, open plan workshops contain massive amounts of up to date equipment to help students gain practical skills in their chosen field. These practical skills, combined with theory instruction from qualified tutors, well-versed in the latest technology, makes our graduates well sought after by industry. Vocational skills are taught in the areas of Automotive Engineering, Automotive Heavy Engineering, Panelbeating, Vehicle Refinishing, Audio, Carpentry, Joinery, Welding Engineering (mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium), Plumbing, Gasfitting, Drainlaying and Roofing and associated trades.

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