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​Geothermal Energy

NZ's location on an active plate boundary has resulted in the development of numerous geothermal energy resources. Our scientists and engineers pioneered the process of transforming the earth's natural thermal energy into commercial reality, and a highly skilled workforce now keeps the wheels of industry turning. Wintec as one of the country's largest trade training centres, provides training for much of the workforce.

Our Courses

Wintec's courses are tailored to meet to both industry specifications and individual client needs in content and delivery. They're focused on knowledge, specific skills and aptitudes that assist Operators, Mechanical and Electrical trades personal in the effective operation of their energy plant.

  • Mechanical 
    knowledge of engineering plant equipment (pumps, valves including control valves, fans, condensers, types of generators, transformers, voltage switches both medium and high.)
  • Electrical 
    knowledge of plant equipment (generators, transformers, line transmission, high voltage switches and synchronisation of generators)
  • Control Systems
    including control loops, Scada operation, Programmable Logic Controllers, Distributive Control Systems, and principles of fine tuning control loops.
  • Operation of Plant Equipment
    efficiencies of plant operation, problem solving, teamwork, decision making processes.
  • Maintenance of Plants
    including both electrical and mechanical practices, vibration analysis, oil sampling, alignment of equipment, infra-red analysis, and how to set up maintenance systems.

Train the Trainer

Training packages that are custom designed to meet the needs of individual industry clients are available to train trainers throughout the world in the competencies of Energy Centre Operator Training. These programmes are both theory and practical based and focused on developing trainers to undertake training needs analysis and develop training packages that are relevant to energy centre industry standards.

Please direct all enquiries to Jo Douglas

Connected to Industry

Wintec works in collaboration with the University of Auckland's Geothermal Institute and our programmes are developed together with New Zealand's leading Geothermal generators including Mighty River Power and Contact Energy