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Building Design & Construction

Whether you want to design a building, estimate and manage material quantities, tender for jobs, become a roofer, plumber, gasfitter, builder or maker of fine furniture, at Wintec you’ll gain the level of skills and qualifications you need and, most importantly, the practices to sustain our world’s future through Building Design and Construction is looking for.


As a Carpenter or Builder you work on-site building, repairing and installing structures including foundations, walls, roofs, windows and doors. Working as a Carpenter your role could see you interpreting building plans and architectural drawings, selecting materials, measuring and cutting to size and shape, nailing, screwing or gluing wood and various materials together, removing and repairing parts, installing windows, doors and staircases, and ensuring all completed work is watertight.

If you enjoy detailed work and a workshop environment a career as a Joiner could suit you down to the ground. Joiners measure, cut, prepare and assemble timber and timber board products to make interior fittings such as kitchen cabinets, doors, window frames and stairs. You may also be required to work on-site measuring up and then installing the finished products.

Organised, responsible, enjoy the construction industry, get on well with people?… if that sounds like a profile of you then a Construction Site Manager may well be the career you’re looking for. It’s a career that offers plenty of variety and opportunity. As the Site Manager you organise and supervise manpower, supplies, timing, systems and quality control for building and repairing roads, bridges, buildings, tunnels, dams and wharves. Your role could include consulting with building professionals, local councils, architects and clients, studying drawings and instructions, preparing estimates, purchasing materials, hiring and training workers, liaising with subcontractors, maintaining records and ensuring construction meets all requirements.

As an Architectural Designer your skills and technical know-how transform vision into workable design. Your days are spent planning, designing and advising on the construction and alteration of buildings. This could entail inspecting proposed building sites, discussing ideas, local authority requirements and constraints with clients, creating designs and preparing drawings for houses and other buildings, specifying materials, applying for appropriate building and resource consents, and overseeing a project to its conclusion.

Details can make or break a project, right? If you’re someone who recognises the importance of detail and accuracy, enjoys calculating quantity and cost, and wants to be part of the construction industry, then Quantity Surveyor could be the career answer you’re looking for. As a Quantity Surveyor you calculate a budget based on client requirements, then prepare detailed estimates for each stage of construction as the project develops. The role includes studying building plans, measuring and estimating material and labour costs, preparing feasibility studies, managing payments for contractors and suppliers and offering financial advice to clients.