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Taking vehicles apart, designing electronic equipment, using diagnostics to locate electrical faults, working on heavy equipment, tuning racing cars, repairing damaged vehicles, dismantling engines, there’s a world of options open to you in the Automotive industry.


Automotive Electricians take care of electrical wiring and electrical and electronic systems in vehicles and marine equipment. Your day could go from discussing faults with customers, to using diagnostic equipment to locate electrical and electronic faults, to repairing or replacing electronic systems such as engine management, air conditioning, ABS brakes, air bags, electronically controlled gearboxes and vehicle computers. You could also be installing security systems, auto entertainment systems and carrying out vehicle engine tune-ups.

So every time you take a corner you hear an annoying rattle. If you’re the type of person who would dismantle an engine, locate the problem, fix it, and then rebuild the engine, chances are you’re the type of person who would enjoy a future as an Automotive Engineer. Your days will be spent in a garage or workshop environment where you’ll diagnose faults in vehicles, dismantle engines and other parts, repair or replace where necessary, put everything back together and make sure the vehicle is running smoothly.

Keen on the big machines? Then working as a Heavy Equipment Automotive Engineer servicing trucks, buses, bulldozers and tractors may be the road for you. You’ll be based in a workshop but will probably also be required to repair machinery on-site. Your day could include diagnosing vehicle faults, dismantling, repairing and rebuilding engines and other parts, ordering replacement parts, servicing heavy automotive equipment and ensuring hazardous waste is disposed of appropriately.

Taking a vehicle that’s been knocked out of shape and making it like new again is the art of the Panel Beater. Using heavy equipment you align and reshape damaged vehicle panels, before sanding and preparing the panels and parts for spray painting.

Spray Painter. Mixing and matching paints, spray painting vehicle, refinishing to make vehicle look good.

If pulling cars apart is your idea of heaven then Automotive Dismantler could well be your dream job description. As an Automotive Dismantler you’ll work in a garage, workshop or car-wrecking yard taking apart second-hand vehicles, assessing vehicle values, and buying and selling vehicle parts. You could also get out and about throughout the day picking up or delivering parts or vehicles.


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