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Whether it’s planning, designing and supervising construction of roads, tunnels and dams, water and wastewater infrastructure, poring over the more technical details and costings of a project, or analysing the load-bearing capabilities of a stadium roof, telecommunications tower or bridge, at Wintec you’ll learn the skills and earn the qualifications to do all that and more.

A Wintec qualification in this field will set you up with an internationally re​​cognised qualification in an area with an acute skills shortage.


As a Civil Engineering Technologist, with a BEng Tech qualification, you’ll plan, design and supervise the construction of infrastructure such as roads and wastewater plants. Your day could see you consulting with clients and government officials, evaluating sites, planning and designing roads or a water works, preparing cost estimates and managing construction.


Civil Engineering Technicians with a Diploma qualification, are more involved in the technical details of building and repairing roads, bridges and other infrastructure. So your day may have you surveying and measuring sites, preparing drawings, calculating costs and setting out timetables, checking and reporting on progress and liaising with clients and contractors.

There is a real demand in New Zealand for qualified Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians.


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