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Build critical business leadership skills required to operate a successful business in today's challenging environment.  

The business environment requires resilience, adaptability and practical skill sets in business topics such as communication, dealing with change and strategies for workplace relationships. Succession planning for the workplace has become one of the most important outcomes for businesses to operate and be sustainable in the ever-changing market.  

No matter what size your business is, the My Pathway to Leadership programme suite provides an ideal learning environment that focuses on what matters most to current and emerging leaders in all areas of industry. Learn through short, face-to-face workshops that focus on critical business skills.

What do you learn?

You will discover how to use communication for better outcomes with others, solve problems creatively, deal with difficult situations and learn practical skills and tools to help you handle day-to-day issues more effectively. 
Business topics include:
  • Communications
  • Writing for business
  • Distinguishing between management and leadership
  • Customer service
  • Managing conflict and change
  • Strategies for building relationships
  • Presenting with confidence
  • Developing and coaching teams and individuals
We aim to uncover personal strengths through self-awareness, building on individuals' resilience, adaptability and confidence on the job. 

What are the outcomes of this training? 

You and your team will be able to apply learnings to any workplace environment, giving you the confidence to take on roles where you can think on your feet and adapt to changing situations for more significant outcomes. You will be equipped to build stronger relationships, set goals, and achieve everyday tasks more effectively.


Leadership pathway programmes

Our programmes are short, face-to-face workshops with others from like-minded organisations, making this a cost-effective way to upskill the people in your team. Choosing the right plan benefits progressive leadership transitioning for individuals and creates opportunities to collaborate on ideas collectively while networking with others.

The “Select A Plan” option suits the needs of individuals or teams and will assist in achieving the goals and requirements of your business. If you are unsure what pathway best suits your needs, contact us today to discuss what tailored options we have for you.

Testimonials and news

"Teaching all our leaders and future leaders the same skills means they are all on the same page. This approach gives us consistency across the board and feeds into our extraordinary culture.”
Nigel Sun, COO, Fosters.

“Supporting leaders to transition upward, is key to future growth and development. We are seeing increased capabilities from participants, and an improved customer-focused collaboration within other areas of the business”. Tina Yakas, GM People and Capability, Yashili.

“Personally, seeing the growth these young men and women have had, shows how well the programme has been facilitated. It’s targeted at the right level for the trade environment that we work in. Some of the staff we had go through the course had a background in trade, others had been to university, and it suited all of them. So, it’s been well worth the investment.”
Stewart Hanegraaf, Director, Kalós.

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