Cate Prestidge

Cate Prestidge

Team Manager – Communication
Programme Coordinator – Certificate in Media Arts  

Office: P Block, corner of Collingwood and Tristram

07 834 8800 ​​​​x 7901

Areas of expertise

Teaching areas
Media Studies
Interpersonal Skills

Managerial – Position of Team Manager (Communication) involves working with a dedicated team of Programme Coordinators and Academic staff teaching across 5 academic programmes: Certificate in Media Arts, Certificate in Radio Broadcasting, Bachelor of Media Arts- Communication, National Diploma of Journalism, Graduate Diploma in Communication.

Cate believes the ability to clearly communicate your ideas and experience is an essential skill in all the domains of Media Arts. "Communication takes so many forms, has many purposes and exists in a variety of contexts." As well as teaching communication skills, she finds it exciting to work with students to examine ideas about the media and develop ways to analyse how they engage with it. While media technologies and approaches constantly develop and change, the essential, basic skills of good communication remain constant, and important, she says.

Another exciting part of her job is when students and staff work across disciplines on collaborative projects, like publications, and use their specialist skills in writing, design, photography and fine art to create great magazines, books and websites.

Cate enjoys working in a highly collegial, creative workplace with tutors who are specialists in their creative and industry areas as well as being passionate educators.                        

Industry experience, affiliations and achievements

Cate writes DVD reviews for the Waikato Times and has 15 years' experience as Drama and English teacher in NZ and Australia. She is a member of Drama NZ and writer/director of numerous musical/theatre productions. She has also worked for Rural Press (Australia) as a columnist and advertorial writer.