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​​​Fitness and Outdoor Recreation

A career in Fitness and Outdoor Recreation can really take you places.

Looking after a client’s fitness one-on-one, advising on nutrition and safe exercise, looking at the tactics and psychology that goes into building a sports team, guiding or instructing in the great outdoors; these are the skills, supported by industry endorsed qualifications, which will take you on an exciting career path in the Fitness and Outdoor sector.


The Certificate in Fitness and Industry Training Level 4 and the Diploma in Personal Training Level 5 are REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) registered courses. This means you can work as a trainer in New Zealand and other countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.

As a Fitness Instructor you’ll be helping people improve their general fitness or train for a special event. This means your day could see you discussing clients’ goals, assessing their fitness and body types, and then designing fitness classes or individual programmes. You’ll also be working with clients one on one, ensuring correct techniques are used and providing basic nutritional and lifestyle advice.

If fresh air, adventure and the great outdoors appeal then so will a career as an Outdoor Recreation Guide and Instructor. You’ll spend your time teaching or guiding outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking, diving, caving and tramping. Your day could also include planning programmes, risk assessment, organising safety procedures, checking equipment, running rescue practices, organising bookings, food and transport and maintaining trip logbooks.

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Conduct physical assessments and record case histories of clients, advise on exercise and changes to lifestyle, prepare and blend oils and waxes, massage and knead injured muscles and soft tissue a Wintec course will give you all the skills to handle a personally rewarding career in Massage.


As a Massage Therapist your day will be spent treating a variety of ailments and helping people relax by massaging and kneading injured muscles and soft body tissue. Your role will also involve consulting with clients, taking their case history, assessing their physical condition and determining whether massage therapy can help them, preparing massage oils and waxes, and advising on exercise and lifestyle needs.


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