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Te Kōpū Mānia o Kirikiriroa Marae

Whakawhanaungatanga Suite of Activities

What is it?

The Whakawhanaungatanga Suite of Activities is a series of intentionally designed events and workshops that respond to the ākonga (learner) and their needs at key points in the learning journey – Te Ara Ākonga.

Whakawhanaungatanga is the practice of creating connections and establishing relationships. It can help us build and strengthen relationships, which supports us as we navigate life events and commitments such as study.

Who is it for?

Whakawhanaungatanga Suite of Activities offer opportunities for all ākonga to: 

  • Connect to the variety of support services on offer
  • Meet other like-minded ākonga 
  • Strengthen relationships with kaiako outside of the classroom in a warm, relaxed and encouraging environment

Facilitated by the team at Te Kete Manaaki, we believe that building relationships with our ākonga is vital to growing networks of confident, capable practitioners in their field of expertise.  

How can I get involved? 

See the table below to find Whakawhanaungatanga activities that may best suit you. 


Wā Whakawhanaungatanga 

Wā Whakawhanaungatanga are drop-in sessions that connect you to all our learning support services available for academic and pastoral care. Mana Whenua representatives will be at the City Campus events to support connection and promote the services they offer to enhance your learning journey. Discover informative and interactive opportunities for you to meet the teams, and explore support options by joining one of the below sessions. 

Monday 22 July 202411.30am-1pmThe Hub, City Campus
Wednesday 24 July 202411.30am-1pmThe Hub, Rotokauri Campus
Monday 29 July 202411.30am-1pmThe Hub, Rotokauri Campus
Wednesday 31 July 202411.30am-1pmThe Hub, City Campus
Thursday 1 August 202411.30am-1pmGardens Campus
Monday 5 August 202411.30am-1pmThe Hub, City Campus
Wednesday 7 August 202411.30am-1pmThe Hub, Rotokauri Campus
Monday 12 August 202411.30am-1pm
The Hub, City Campus
Wednesday 14 August 202411.30am-1pmThe Hub, Rotokauri Campus

Hei Oranga Mōu 

Hei Oranga Mōu provides support for you to navigate your studies, manage financial responsibilities, and access possible scholarships. These are all important aspects of your student experience, and having access to resources and guidance can make a big difference in your journey. 

At our pre-start sessions, we will provide technology support opportunities to prepare you for your study journey and build your confidence with our learning systems. Having the right support and resources can help you feel more comfortable and confident as you navigate new technologies. These sessions are a great resource for support and guidance throughout your academic journey. 

Hauroa sessions celebrate and recognise your achievements so far on your learning journey. It is important to provide opportunities to celebrate and recognise milestones. These sessions explore healthy strategies for body, mind, soul and whānau (family). Incorporating healthy strategies into your daily life to support overall health and wellbeing, can improve academic focus, performance and success.

Celebration sessions acknowledge all your hard work and achievements at the end of each semester. It is important to take the time to celebrate successes and milestones and prepare for the next part of your journey. Our teams will be there to share service options and support for you to continue on your learning journey or pathway into employment. Having access to support and resources can be a key factor towards achieving your goals and succeeding academically and professionally. 

Plus, who doesn't love cake and some entertainment? Join one of the sessions below to celebrate with our Te Kete Manaaki support teams with fun activities and treats to acknowledge your achievements and congratulate each other on a successful semester! 

Monday 8 July 202411.30am-1pmThe Hub, City CampusPre-start
Wednesday 10 July 202411.30am-1pmThe Hub, Rotokauri Campus Pre-start
Monday 9 September 202412pm-1pmThe Hub, City CampusHauora
Wednesday 11 September 202412pm-1pmThe Hub, Rotokauri Campus Hauora
Thursday 12 September 202412pm-1pmGardens CampusHauora
Monday 21 October 202412pm-1pmThe Hub, City CampusCelebration
Wednesday 23 October 202412pm-1pmThe Hub, Rotokauri Campus Celebration
Thursday 24 October 202412pm-1pmGardens CampusCelebration

Whakapiri Ako 

These focused ako sessions explore and unpack some of the key academic study skills required to start and complete first assessments confidently. At the mid-semester break, many ākonga may want to access additional support with their studies. These sessions focus on literacy and numeracy skills for study success. They are designed to give you access to specific academic support to help you plan and prepare for your end-of-semester examinations. During these workshop sessions, you will experience teaching that is focused on specific topics with the flexibility to schedule follow-up appointments with the team. 

Tuesday 14 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmGg.37, The Hub, City CampusCritical thinking and writing 
Wednesday 15 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmThe Hub, Rotokauri CampusDigital support
Thursday 16 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmGg.37, The Hub, City CampusCritical thinking and writing 
Friday 17 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmOnlineDeadline techniques and achieving better grades
(Pomodoro and marks)
Tuesday 21 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmGg.37, The Hub, City CampusSynthesising your ideas and sources
Wednesday 22 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmThe Hub, Rotokauri CampusCVs and cover letters 
Thursday 23 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmGg.37, The Hub, City CampusPreparing for interviews 
Friday 24 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmOnlineSynthesising your ideas and sources 
Tuesday 28 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmGg.37, The Hub, City CampusReflecting critically 
Wednesday 29 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmThe Hub, Rotokauri CampusPreparing for interviews 
Thursday 30 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmGg.37, The Hub, City CampusReflecting critically 
Friday 31 May 202412.05pm-12.45pmOnlineWays to stay motivated

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