SPHP708 – Nutrition and Metabolism in Sport

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Module code
Module title
Nutrition and Metabolism in Sport
To provide students with advanced knowledge, skills and professional competency in the field of nutrition for athletes
  • SC9501
NZQA Level
Level 7
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
Learning hours
Directed hours
Self directed hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
1.Analyse the nutritional requirements for optimising health and sport performance and design programmes to optimise performance of athletes in those sports
2.Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of fuel metabolism and its implications for training, competition and recovery
3.Evaluate current nutrition topics and issues relating to performance optimisation
-Carbohydrate metabolism
-Fat metabolism
-Protein metabolism
-Body composition
-Physiology of weight loss and weight gain
-Nutrition applications to training and competition
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Lectures and discussions are initially used to introduce key themes and main topics to the students. The curriculum will incorporate field trips or laboratory activities and reading and discussing scientific literature in class. The assignments will provide an opportunity to develop knowledge and applying this to real life scenarios.
Assessment Criteria
Candidates must achieve a minimum result of 40 in the final examination of this module. They must achieve a minimum C grade pass overall from assessments to receive a passing grade for this module.
Required Textbooks
An extended reading list will be supplied by the tutor at commencement of the course. This will be updated annually.