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SPHP604 – Advanced Exercise Programme Design

Module code
Module title
Advanced Exercise Programme Design
To provide students with the understanding of best practise for training the athlete population.
  • SC9501
  • SP0801
NZQA Level
Level 6
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
1.Administer and interpret Functional Movement Screens.
2.Individualise warm-up and cool-down sessions for a range of athletes/sports.
3.Assessment, prescription and periodization for the development of strength, aerobic/anaerobic capacity, flexibility/mobility, speed and agility.
4.Design and implement recovery strategies for athletes.
5.Assessment and monitoring of body composition.
Functional Movement Screens
Warm-up and cool-down
Periodised programming
- Aerobic capacity
- Anaerobic capacity
- Speed and agility
Muscular endurance, strength, hypertrophy and power (including plyometrics)
- Flexibility
- Proprioception, stabilisation and injury prevention
Body weight management (Kinanthropometry)
Adolescent athletes
Recovery strategies
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Lectures / Tutorials / Discussions
Case Studies
Experiential learning
Assessment Criteria
Candidates must achieve a minimum result of 40 in the final examination of this module. They must achieve a minimum C grade pass overall from assessments to receive a passing grade for this module.
Required Textbooks
An extended reading list will be supplied by the tutor at commencement of the course. This will be updated annually.

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