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NURS812 – Advanced Practice in Long-Term Conditions

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Module title
Advanced Practice in Long-Term Conditions
This module will enable nurses to develop advanced knowledge, skills and capability to work with people, families and whanau who are affected by one or more long term conditions. Participants will critique and synthesise advanced knowledge of chronicity to gain an in depth understanding of the complexity of living with a long term condition. In addition they will develop a deeper understanding of the relationships between people, systems, and the socio-political and cultural contexts that may influence the improvement and maintenance of health, wellbeing and quality of life.
  • HL0502
  • HL7000
  • NU0010
  • NU0015
NZQA Level
Level 8
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
Articulate an area of practice with people, populations and / or communities who are affected by one or more long term conditions to enhance health outcomes and quality of life.
Critically analyse theoretical models and conceptual frameworks and systems that shape practice in the management of long term conditions.
Integrate advanced knowledge of diagnostic reasoning and clinical judgement to develop innovative and personalised care approaches that address the complex needs of individuals, caregivers, whanau and families living with long term conditions.
Work interprofessionally and in partnership with others to create alliances that foster support and quality health care responses for populations and individuals experiencing long term conditions.
Consistently evaluate and develop own practice capability to ensure systems, research evidence and approaches used, improve health outcomes and client satisfaction.
-Area of practice for the management long term conditions
-Epidemiology and demography
-Philosophical and theoretical positionings
-Chronic Care models and approaches
-Socio-political, historical, cultural, psychological and environmental determinants
-Restoring and maintaining health, wellbeing and quality of life
-Analysis of service provision for long-term conditions

Teaching and Learning Strategy
Teaching and learning methods in this online web enabled module will involve theoretical and online sessions including tutorials, workshops, group activities, discussion, independent learning, and assignments.

Assessment Criteria
Critical conversations Online discussions 15
Report Critical analysis of service delivery and service approach to inform practice 35
Essay Evaluation of own practice - video or record a care planning session with patient / family / whanau experiencing long term condition(s) and critically analyse40

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