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MG7110 – Power Systems

Module code
Module title
Power Systems
To enable students to gain an understanding of three-phase power generation and transmission systems with an emphasis on generation, transmission and distribution systems.
  • EN1801
  • SC1001
NZQA Level
Level 7
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Total learning hours
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Learning Outcomes
1.Evaluate aspects of the New Zealand Power System.
2.Evaluate the types of generation systems in use in New Zealand (large scale 1000kW - hydro, geothermal, thermal and co-generation).
3.Evaluate key aspects of transmission and distribution systems MV and HV networks.
4.Apply power transformers in an MV and HV environment.
5.Apply earthing systems and switchgear to MV and HV networks.
6.Develop and apply a SLD for a simple network.
New Zealand's power system - control and operation, power stations, main power transmission lines, major substations, the DC inter-island power link, voltage and frequency control, reliability of supply, and purity of waveforms.
Principle of operation, and overview of the characteristics of cylindrical and salient pole synchronous machines. Operation of generators stand-alone, in parallel, and on an infinite busbar.
Generation synchronisation.
Construction, principle of operation and maintenance of overhead lines, towers, conductors, insulator, distribution links, line inductance, capacitance, and resistance. Voltage, current, and power flows in short, medium and long lines.
Operation and use of surge arrestors.
Construction and operation of power cables, insulation, conductor material, formation of conductors, current capacity, capacitance, inductance, losses, and installation.
Causes of faults and their effects, limiting fault currents, fault magnitudes for both symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults.
Development of a basic SLD design and perform basic fault levels (eg up to 4 generators, 4 transformers and 2 feeders).
Current making and breaking capacities of switchgear & HV fuses.
Operation and use of autoreclosers and sectionalisers.

Neutral-earthing methods, insulated neutral, resistance earthed neutral, solidly earthed neutral. (MV and HV) eg direct, isolated, NER, GFN.

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