MG7030 – Air Handling Systems

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Air Handling Systems
To enable students to learn and apply knowledge of design, and to select components for and prepare design documents for Air Handling systems.
  • SC1001
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Level 7
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  • Web-Enhanced
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Learning Outcomes
1.Apply knowledge of Air Handling Systems.
2.Investigate and design Air Handling Systems.
3.Select components for Air Handling Systems.
4.Prepare design documents for Air Handling Systems.
Air handling system types, layout, operation, performance.
Calculation of system parameters, air circulation, heat transfer, pressures, temperatures, capacity control, pressure control, temperature control insulation, energy use, corrosion control, air filtration, heating, cooling, de-humidification, and humidification, moisture flow rate, relative humidity, air distribution, condensate drainage, insulation, human comfort, noise control, product processing and storage, capacity control, temperature control energy use, corrosion control air quality, health and safety.
Component operating principles, construction, capacity, and selection.
Fans, filters, air handling units, dampers, economisers, silencers, ductwork, variable air volume(VAV) boxes, grilles and diffusers, packaged air conditioning units, evaporators, heat recovery units, pressure controls, temperature controls, safety devices.
Source data - building data; thermo-physical data for steam, air, gases, water; performance data for system components; units of measurement; regulations; standards; codes of practice.
Designingdocuments,sketchplans,schematicdrawings,components, specifications, prediction of energy use, key parameters.