MG7023 – Vibration and Seismic Design for Mechanical Plant

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Vibration and Seismic Design for Mechanical Plant
To enable students to apply New Zealand standards and codes in limit state format. To apply dynamics theory in practical design applications.
  • SC1001
NZQA Level
Level 7
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  • Web-Enhanced
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Learning Outcomes
1.Create designs for seismic restraint of mechanical plant using New Zealand Standards written in limit state format.

2.Assess the strength and stability of standard structural steel members using capacity tables or published design load tables.

3.Undertake specific structural design to New Zealand Standards for simple steel structures using elastic analysis.

4.Utilise computer software for analysis of familiar structures which can be analysed in well accepted ways.

5.Accurately assess the limits of the safe application of their knowledge and interact with specialists to solve problems outside those limits.

6.Assess vibration and noise generated by mechanical plant and recommend suitable methods to remedy potential problems.
Selection of applicable standards and codes and evaluation of the differences and potential conflicts between limit state format vs working stress format.
Analysis and quantification of loads, hazards and risks using NZ standards and sound engineering analysis.
Development of design concepts which address all of the identified hazards, risks, load paths etc.
Design of connections between seismic restraint and mechanical plant using NZ standards, including selection, design and evaluation of fasteners and anchors.
Production of design calculations suitable for peer review by a chartered professional engineer.
Production of assembly and component drawings detailing design outcomes.
Equipment including mechanical and electrical components.
Physical testing of mechanical details to verify seismic performance.
Identification analysis of source, cause and frequency of vibration.
Selection of suitable methods to remedy vibration based on source, cause, frequency, practicality, etc.