MG6021 – Electronics 2

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Module code
Module title
Electronics 2
To enable students to learn analysis of electronic circuits and the use of simulation programs to determine circuit performance.
  • SC1001
NZQA Level
Level 6
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Directed hours
Self directed hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes

1.Design analogue electronic circuits.
2.Power semiconductor devices as applied to power amplifiers.
3.Explain op-amp circuit designs.
4.Explain oscillator circuit designs.
Simulation packages to analyse and design electronic circuits.
Source and load impedances in simulated circuits.
Operational amplifiers and associated circuits.
Types of noise introduced by an operational amplifier and its external circuit.
Small signal amplifiers using load lines and transistor circuit models.
Types of power amplifiers, calculation of maximum input and output power levels, efficiencies and power dissipation resulting from the use of heat sinks.
Operation and characteristics of power semiconductor devices as applied to power amplifiers.
AC coupled amplifiers and special applications of op-amps.
Low frequency oscillators.
Assessment Criteria
Assessment 1Tests30
Assessment 2Projects30
Assessment 3Examination40