MG5016 – Elements of Power Engineering

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Elements of Power Engineering
To enable students to gain an understanding of general three-phase circuit theory principles, ELV earthing and protection systems.
  • EN1801
  • SC1001
NZQA Level
Level 5
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
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Learning Outcomes
Apply knowledge of three-phase circuit theory.
Perform calculations using power in AC circuits
Describe electricity distribution industry meters and metering methods.
Describe how RL transients are created in AC circuits
Explain basic earthing and power system protection for ELV and LV installations.
Describe electrical and building reticulation systems and types
Star and delta connected three-wire, star connected four wire circuits, three-phase relationships, and phase angles.
Calculations involving a three-wire star load and four-wire star configuration with neutral impedance.
The power developed in single-phase and three-phase circuits is calculated and analysed.
Power factor correction calculations are performed on single-phase and three-phase circuits; capacitor values in kVAr and F for single and multiple circuits, balanced and unbalanced loads.
Single-phase power, three-phase power, three-phase kVAr
Basic components of ELV/LV power system protection (eg MEN, TT and fuses, MCB, RCD)
Parameters on a current interruption oscillogram (ELV).
Earthing systems, fault types and detection methods for ELV, LV installations.
Causes, effects, and mitigation of harmonics in power systems are explained in accordance with NZECP 36:1993 and industry practice with calculations on single phase circuits containing complex waveforms.
Terms used for electricity loads, calculation of costs of supply at different tariffs, power factor correction effects on tariffs, load control improvement.
Describe the principles of electrical and building reticulation and outdoor installations as described in the terms of the intent and application of the Electricity Regulations.
Assessment Criteria
Assessment 1 Laboratory Test 10
Assessment 2 Written Tests 40
Assessment 3 Exam 50