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LANG318 – Developing Listening and Speaking

Module code
Module title
Developing Listening and Speaking
Students will develop the listening and speaking skills to communicate in most familiar situations with increasing independence and fluency.
  • EL2103
NZQA Level
Level 3
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this course students will be able to:
LO1: Respond appropriately to the main ideas and some specific detail in an oral interaction on reasonably familiar topics.
LO2: Participate and communicate key ideas in an oral exchange with some confidence on reasonably familiar topics.
• Passive voice
• Describing equipment
• Asking for and giving opinions
• Developing fluency in speaking
• Making formal phone calls
• A global language for business
• Expressing sympathy
• Describing a picture
• Speculating
• Giving and accepting compliments
• Strong language
• Sentence stress and meaning
• Saying goodbye
• Questionnaires
• Reviews
• Making a presentation
Assessment Criteria
In order to pass a course, students must:
• Meet all course learning outcomes
• Pass all summative assessments
• Attend at least 85% of scheduled classes
Teaching and Learning Strategy
• Classroom activities
• Online activities
• Guided learning
• Group/collaborative projects
• Self-evaluation/reflection
• Experiential learning
• Student-centred learning
• Task-based learning
• Communicative activities
• Student research
• Off-campus trips
• Supervised practical activities
• Self-directed activities
• Demonstrations
• Role plays
• Cultural awareness activities
• Visiting speakers
Learning and Teaching Resource
• Programme Handbook
• Tutor
• Classrooms equipped with computer and data projector
• Course books
• Workbooks
• Audio/ video materials
• Language learning software
• Language learning games
• Graded Readers
• A selection of supplementary materials, books, booklets, authentic print
• Computer lab
• Self-access centre
• Library including online resources
• Cultural awareness resources
• Moodle
• Dictionaries
• IPads/ Tablets
• SRA Reading Lab

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