LANG111 – Level 1 Speaking

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Level 1 Speaking
This module aims to develop speaking skills necessary to meet basic needs of students at a CEFR A2 level. It will enable students to communicate basic information, and give a simple description or presentation of people, living or working conditions, daily routines, likes/dislikes etc. using a short series of simple phrases and sentences.
  • EL1501
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Level 1
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  • Web-Supported
Learning hours
Total learning hours
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Learning Outcomes
Participate in short, casual conversations including on the telephone.
Ask for and give simple information about personal needs and feelings, and make and respond to polite requests.
Describe personal experiences and/or situations.
Range Control
- slowed speech rate and some pauses, hesitation
- connected discourse.
- short phrases, short sentences and learnt language patterns
- basic grammar to connect ideas.

- opportunities to initiate and respond appropriately to introductions and leave-takings using appropriate formulas
- opportuntiies to open short conversations.


A list of grammar and language functions can be found in the Overview of Content for the Writing module.

A list of possible topics is included in the syllabus document and can be found at
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Key approaches to instruction include selection of authentic and semi-authentic language models; clear contextualisation and effective presentation of new language; varied interaction – individual, pair, group, whole-class activities; information-gap activities; task-based activities; integration of skills; focus on accuracy and fluency; effective treatment of errors; valid and reliable assessment; integration of current technologies
Assessment Criteria
The portfolio is comprised of multiple assessment tasks, not tests alone. To pass this module, students must attempt and pass all assessment tasks. Assessment must be in a supportive environment (see NZQA guidelines).

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